Know The Border Collie Temperament and Don’t Get Out Smarted

Border collie TemperamentBefore owning a Border Collie there are several facts that you should know about the Border Collie Temperament. This will help you determine what to expect from the dog as an owner.


First thing you should know is that this dog is no slouch. Not physically and certainly not mentally. If you are the laid back owner, stop reading this now and go check out maybe the Basset Hound.

Quick History and Physical Appearance

This black and white dog is medium size was bred to herd sheep. It is also a well-balanced athletic dog.

It has a double coat, a medium length, thick and moderately textured outer coat and a short, soft and dense undercoat. The fur on the face of this dog is short and smooth.

Fast, Motivated Learners

The Border Collie is the smartest of the smart dogs. It's second to none when it comes to its work ethic, intelligence and instinct. (The Poodle is also sometimes cited side by side with the Border Collie.

This incredible intelligence Border Collie temperament trait makes it a fast learner. It thrives on training and easily learn new commands.

For example:

  • House training is very easy with the Border collie, regardless of how many years it has been outdoors or what Border collie temperament your dog has. To assist you with the house training sessions, I recommend crating and kenneling your dog.
  • The Border Collie also excels at sheep herding, fetching, Frisbee toss, fly-ball, tracking, obedience and agility.

Destructive Behaviors – Filling the Void

As an owner you must understand that the independent Border Collie temperament coupled with its intelligence, will drive it to find creative ways to occupy its time. If you do not train this dog and keep it physically and mentally stimulated it will find its own means to acquire new habits, many of which you won't like.

If frustration and boredom strikes, expect to see a destructive and restless Border Collie temperament. If you leave the him alone indoors during this period expect to find a mess when you return.

Who's the Smartest Dog In The House?

Your Border Collie might be the smartest dog on the block but he should never believe he is your leader. Your'e still in charge , and the leader of the pack. You lead he follows.

Never give your dog any leeway to rule. When training your dog, you should use positive reinforcement, be gentle and use a confident tone. Never treat the Border Collie with a heavy hand, but he needs to know you're in charge.

Watch Border Collie Video – They Aim to Please

Another Border Collie temperament trait is that the  always aim at pleasing their master. The breed is loving and has an urge to work with other members of the family.

This is why this dog, that was initially bred to be a working stock dog, is now increasingly becoming popular as a family pet.

Sometimes Aggressive

One Border collie temperament to know is that they can sometimes become aggressive and dominant. There are four types of aggression in dogs which include:

  • Prey aggression,
  • Dominant aggression,
  • Fear aggression
  • Territorial aggression.

You should know which type your dog is suffering from. This will make it easier for you to deal with the aggression.

Border Collies show signs of aggression, which include over protection of their possessions. The other sign of aggressiveness that the Border Collie will show is attacking other animals and dogs.

They are also known to bite, snarl or even growl when approached by a family member. You can handle this with both physical and mental equipment.

Dealing with an Aggressive Border Collie Temperament

To deal with this aggressiveness, you can also dominate every aspect of the dog’s life and show him that you are the boss. For example, at the end of any game you should end with the ball. You can also teach him to calmly sit by snapping of his leash or make him heel before you pet him.

A Great Choice Regardless

Whatever the the Border Collie temperament, dog owners still flock to this breed of dog because they know that they are smart dogs that are very easy to train. They are problem solvers that can be trained to perform any task with ease.

Their observant and intelligent nature also means that they pick up new behaviors on their own. Border Collies are also liked because they are great with children and make wonderful family pets. What more would anyone want in a canine friend.

Other Herding Dogs

The Border Collie is in the Herding Group of dogs. These dogs are all instinctively driven to herd or round up moving animals, including you and your children. They were formerly of the Working Group but this unique herding trait is significant enough for them to be classed in their own group. Here are some other Hearding dogs and their temperaments:

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