Border Terrier Temperament

Before getting the Border terrier, it is important to consider the major concerns associated with Border Terrier temperament.
This will assist you to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of owning such a dog, and make the best decision.Border Terrier Temperament

Loving and Playful

The first Border Terrier temperament to know is that they are loving and playful dogs. They are good with people and in fact make good human companions.

The dogs are also eager to please their leaders, which makes training them very easy and enjoyable. This love of people and the other positive temperaments, make the Border Terrier the perfect companion

Independent and Stubborn

Another Border Terrier temperament is that the dog is independent. This is a positive side of the dog that most dog owners like because this breed of dog can learn new things very fast. Much of this is due to the dog’s toughness and inherent curiosity. They will explore on their own and without fear, and in the process learn new things. They also can easily adapt to different situations and environments very quickly.

However, be on the lookout because at times this admirable independence can show up as stubborn temperament. In case you notice any stubbornness in your Border Terrier, you should be consistent and firm with any commands that you give. This will let the dog know that you mean what you say.

Watch Video of These Smart Border Terriers

Escape Artist

Another concern that you should look out for in Border Terriers is escape. This breed of dog is known to be a naturally clever escape artist. To deal with this problem, dog experts recommend that you keep your dog in a fenced in yard. This will allow it enough roaming space. It will also ensure that your dog is safe. However, you should always keep an eye on your pooch. If you do not have enough space in your yard, then the Border Terrier is not the right dog for you.


Border terriers are known and recognized by their noise. It is the nature of these dogs to bark at practically everything that draws their attention. It is important that you deal with this concern before it becomes a problem. You must train your dog to only bark when there is a good enough reason; otherwise it will scare away everything and everyone, including your visitors.

If you live very close to your neighbors, or if you are away from home all day long, then the Border terrier is not the right dog for you. If left unsupervised, your dog is likely to bark all day long. This might cause you problems with your neighbors. However, if you feel that this is the dog that you want to adopt, you must know how to deal with this issue.


One temperament that you might also encounter is an aggression.. Before dealing an aggressive Border Terrier temperament, it is important to first know the cause. If your dog is attacked or even scared by another dog, it is likely to also become aggressive.  Border Terriers are tough and won't always look the other way if threatened.

One more thing about Border Terriers is that they also get along with other pets that they have been raised with, but do not get along well with other rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, squirrels, mice, and rats. The Border terrier is almost always compelled to run after and harass anything that moves fast.To get the best out of your dog, train it to be who you want it to be. Discourage any Border terrier temperament that you do not like and encourage the positives.

Other Terrier Dogs

The Border Terrier is a memebr of the Terrier Group of dogs. Dogs in this grop come in various sizes, and are ALL full of spunk and spirit. Though they have many things in common, each terrier also has varying temperaments. Here are a few other terriers and their temperaments:

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