Boston Terrier Temperament – Friendly, Energetic, Family Dog

Boston Terrier Temperament

The Boston Terrier Temperament can be summed us as friendly, gentle and lively. There is a misconception among most people that the Boston Terrier is still a fighting dog because that’s what it was bred to do long time ago.

The misconception is simply because not many people care to understand the Boston terrier temperament. Such people should know that this is the perfect breed for anyone looking for a family dog that has a gentle and loving nature.

The Boston terrier is a family dog that does not like being on its own. This cute and sweet canine loves and enjoys the attention that he derives from human beings. The Boston terrier is also friendly and seeks constant attention from other members of the family. They enjoy the feeling of being part of your family.

Children, Seniors, Strangers and other animals

Another admirable Boston terrier temperament that makes them a darling with most owners is their suitability. This dog is good with children and excellent when living with senior citizens.

It is an excellent play companions for your children regardless of their age. Its sturdy build makes it less brittle when playing with children. The Boston Terrier is also good with strangers and does not have a problem with other non canine pets in your home.

But Beware

The Boston Terrier does not take teasing or being made fun of easily. It can also be jealous and possessive but this can be dealt with at an early age.

This breed is also not used to being close to other dogs. If you wish to have more than one Boston Terrier in the home, you should introduce them to one another at an early age. If this is not done early enough, your canine friend might turn out to be hostile and aggressive towards other dogs.

If you intend to raise neutered and spayed male or female Boston Terriers, you should start raising them together when they are still puppies. This will also help deal with its high prey drive nature.

Watch This Funny Video of Boston Terrier with French Bulldog

The Sensitive Boston Terrier Temperament

The other basic Boston Terrier temperament is that they are sensitive to the tone of your voice. However, much about this dog depends on the overall mood of the house where they are raised. It will also depend on the quality of training that they receive.

The Boston Terrier is intelligent and understands your commands very fast and easily. However, you should be firm and carry out the training session with consistent effort. There is a difference between “Firm” and Yelling”. Remember that if you to see good results.


To prevent this canine friend from becoming troublesome and high strung, you should give him adequate physical and mental stimulation. This you can do by giving him regular play sessions and long daily walks.

These sessions should be free of leash and they should preferably take place in a securely fenced yard. As long as you can meet his daily activity, it will generally do well living in an apartment or even in a house with a yard. To learn more about the benefits of daily exercise click here.

Boston Terrier Health Issues

Tanzender Boston Terrier temperament

If you have made a decision that you are comfortable with the Boston terrier temperament and that it is this dog that you want in your home, you should also learn something about its health and longevity. These dogs can live a long and full life though they have their fair share of health challenges.

The health issues that you will have to deal with include snoring and wheezing mostly caused by the dog’s short face. In hot weather, the dogs in this breed are likely to overheat. Some dogs in this breed also have a problem with drooling. You will also have to deal with tumors of the heart and skin. The eyes of the Boston Terrier are also prone to injury.

If you fail to breed your canine friend well, it could suffer from bone defects in their skull which if not treated early enough, could lead to stunt brain growth and eventually you might end up with a retarded dog.

You also need to remember that the Boston terrier is sensitive to extreme weather.

The Boston terrier is known to have a friendly predisposition. Dogs in this breed vary in temperaments. Some are eager to please their bosses while others can be stubborn. With all the above information in hand, you can make your decision comfortably.

Other Non-Sporting Dogs

The Boston Terrier belongs to the Non-Sporting Group. The breeds in this group are all over the spectrum when it comes to appearance, and their temperaments are equally diverse. Take a look at the following temperaments of other memebers of this group to get a feel for their personalities.

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