Understanding the Cane Corso Temperament

Cane Corso Dog SittingAlthough they may look mean with their strong and muscular bodies, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gentle and docile Cane Corso temperament.

Despite their powerful physiques, Cane Corso make excellent family pets due to their gentle nature, and are incredibly loyal to their owners.

History of the Cane Corso

Originally bred in Italy to be working dogs, the early Cane Corsos were often used for sheepherding and as guard dogs.

This has left this breed with incredibly strong protective instincts and they are often quite wary of other people and animals, especially those that come on their territory.

Still, they will very rarely fight unless provoked and are typically very docile and sweet.

The Ever-Watchful Cane Corso

The first thing most people would think of when looking at a Cane Corso is guard dog, and in fact, they do make excellent watch dogs due to their ever-watchful and protective nature.

Although typically a very quiet breed, the Corso will still bark whenever it sees anything it deems to be suspicious. Due to this watchful nature, it is important to make sure to properly socialize these dogs while they are still puppies.

Watchful Cane Corso Guard God

This will ensure that you are able to control their protective nature or else they may start to find all strangers threatening. With proper training as a puppy, the otherwise docile and loving Cane Corso temperament can shine through.

Bad Behavior and Exercise

The Cane Corso temperament is that of a working dog, so they are very smart and have lots of energy. Because of their energetic nature, it is important that they have a big yard to run around in and they also need to be taken on a daily walk, or preferably, a jog.

Cane Corso Running

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If they do not get enough exercise, they will soon start to feel bored, which is when you will start to see bad behavior. All working dogs need to feel like they have something to do and if they don’t, the Cane Corso temperament will change into that of a nuisance. They will quickly start chewing on anything they can find.

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Another thing a bored Cane Corso will almost always do is start digging holes all over your yard. If you see your dog start doing this, you should know it is not getting enough exercise and work on it immediately. If not, the bad behavior can start to become permanent.

While these dogs are very obedient and easy to train, they can also become restless and have behavioral problems if neglected. Basically, the Cane Corso temperament depends on you paying attention to the dog and making sure it gets enough exercise and play.

Training the Cane Corso… Start Them Young

Proper training is key to bring out the desirable Cane Corso temperament. They are very intelligent dogs and listens very well, but it is important that you train them correctly.

Cane CorsoWhen it comes to dogs your life will be much easier down the road if you start training them at an early age. With Cane Corsos there are no exceptions, to this rule of thumb. If you want a well trained adult Cane Corso, then go to work on properly socializing and training your puppy Cane Corso today.

A well-trained Cane Corso will be very devoted to its owner and always want to please. It is also important that teach them to acknowledge and respect you the owner as the alpha. If not, they may start to be aggressive and try to assert dominance.

When training a Cane Corso, it is important to always be very strong and firm, but never use physical force to punish them. If the dog is punished with force, they will not respect you as much and may also be more aggressive to strangers.

Instead, the Cane Corso responds much better to lots of positive reinforcement.  When he does good things give him a treat, and congratulate him with a pat and positive tone.

As long as you train them properly as a puppy, the Cane Torso temperament will remain devoted, loving, and gentle, and you will be sure to love them back just as much.

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