Chihuahua Temperament

Chihuahua Temperament

Chihuahua temperament is mostly determined by that of their parents or by how they are raised. Chihuahua is one of the dog breeds that are known to have a good temperament. The good temperament allows these dogs to work well as human companions. The dogs are also enterprising, proud, spirited and brave. Though these dogs are affectionate, they can sometimes be manipulative. Before you adopt these dogs, it is important to understand the various redeeming qualities that these dogs possess in order to determine whether this is what you want from your doggie.

Though Chihuahuas love to give, they too demand the affection and attention of their owners. As long as you treat this dog right, they will return the love and remain attached to the members of the family.

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Is the Chihuahua right for you?

If you love dogs that are small and easy to carry, available in different sizes, colors and coats, one that is humorous and engaging in peculiar ways, one that does not need too much exercise, lives long and is a great watchdog, then the Chihuahua is the right choice for you.

Choosing the right Chihuahua

To minimize the Chihuahua temperament or traits that you do not like, you can choose the right puppy from the good and reputable breeder. If you choose an adult Chihuahua, you should choose one with the most positive temperament or traits, and you do this by spending some time observing the dog and talking to those who have interacted with it the most in the past.

Children and Strangers thread lightly

Chihuahua Temperament

This can sometimes be dangerous if you have young children because the dog can sometimes be pretty jealous. They are also threatening, suspicious and noisy to strangers. If the stranger is not insistent and pushy the dog can approach them at its own time. Most dogs in this breed are only friendly to their masters and other members of the family. They are known to be quick at checking out for action though they are also good at avoiding taking part in the actual action.


The other factor that you should be concerned about, if you are considering owning a Chihuahua, is to socialize it so as not to threaten strangers. Since Chihuahuas are suspicious in nature, it is important that you give yours enough exposure. This exposure should be to people and unusual sounds and sights. This will prevent this natural suspicion from becoming downright nasty or shrill.

Pets, and other Chihuahuas

The Chihuahuas are peaceful to other pets in the family but they tend to raise ruckus in the presence of strange pets. This temperament should be discouraged at an early stage. The dogs are friendly to others of the same breed so if possible it is advisable to keep more than one Chihuahua in your home. Since they are obsessive ear lickers they will clean each others ears and play together. They also like keeping each other warm but when they are alone they are likely to seek that warmth from your couch or bed.

Toy Dogs are fragile

chihuahua temperament

If you are comfortable with Chihuahua temperament and are sure that this is the right breed for you, then you should understand their fragility. They fall in the toy dog category for a good reason. Dogs in this breed are incredibly fragile and you should be cautions when handling them. You can easily injure or kill them by stepping on them. Before sitting of the couch make sure that the dog is nowhere near. Because of this fragility, you should protect them from other bigger dogs. Chihuahuas are toy breeds that must be kept in close and constant surveillance and supervision.

It is always advisable to keep the dog on leash. The Chihuahua should also be kept away from young children to avoid accidents such as being stepped on rolled on, squeezed on, dropped onto the patio or even being sat on. The loud noises and quick movements made by children are also likely to give the dog stress and fear.

Housebreaking…not an easy task with chihuahuas

If you are considering adopting a Chihuahua, you should also consider their housebreaking issues. Most behavioral dog consultants, rank these dogs on the top five lists of dogs that are hard to housebreak. Housebreaking is even harder for the Chihuahua if you live in rainy or cold climates. This is because these dogs hate the rain and cold climates. However, if you live in such areas and must own a Chihuahua, you can have a covered potty.

Other Toy Dogs

As stated above the Chihuahua is part of the Toy Group of dogs. The one thing dogs in this group have in common is their size. Although other groups have small dogs this is the only group with exclusively small dogs. And small size matters when it comes to dog ownership. A small dog is easier on the wallet and more manageable than a larger dog. Of course you still need to know about each Toy Dog's temperament to understand what to expect. Don't for a minute equate their small statue with any specific temperaments. Here are a few other toy dogs and their temperaments:

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