Cockapoo Temperament: What to Expect when a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle Mix

This Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix create that famous Cockapoo temperament that dog lovers have come to adore.

The Cockapoo took the lead in a long line of poodle mixes that have come to be known as designer dogs. These dogs range in weight from a small 6 pounds to a mega cockapoo weighing in at around 30 pounds.

They are bright, friendly and adapt well to most situations.

Beautiful Red Cockapoo

Diversity is Key

A crossbred dog like you get when you mix a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle can have an entire litter of pups that look nothing like one another. And it’s that diversity that people love.

There can be red curly coats mixed with brown fluffy coats and they share the same parentage.

Training and Socialization

Because they are smart and generally love being around kids, dogs and even cats, the Cockapoo temperament lends itself well to training and socialization.

Start training early for the best results. Cockapoos are companion dogs on both sides of their lineage so they will listen to you easily and want to please you.

Begin your training early and get them into a puppy class as soon as you can. This will get you both started down the right path so you won’t have to battle a headstrong dog later in life.

Because they are bred to be working and hunting dogs, giving your Cockapoo a job will make them happy even if it is fetching the Frisbee from the water.

And speaking of fetching, Cockapoos love to play flyball and enjoy agility training as well.


The Cockapoo temperament loves playtime but the best part is that they don’t require a ton of it.

Even moderate activity with their humans will be just fine. While they hold their own at play, the smaller sized Cockapoos should be protected from roughhousing.

Beautiful white Cockapoo

Health Concerns

The thought behind a hybrid dog is that the breeding will lessen any possibilities of genetic health issues. While this is what breeders shoot for, make sure you ask for and receive all appropriate health certificates from the breeder.

If a breeder balks at this request or makes any other excuse, get your Cockapoo from a different breeder. Look for breeders with a star rating from the Cockapoo Club of America because that means they have their breeding stock certified each year by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation as well as by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

This will also help give you the Cockapoo temperament you’re looking for.


Here’s where that fabulous Cockapoo diversity comes in to play. Your pup could have soft, tight curls or big looping curls or even loose waves. It all depends on what traits were most dominant in that puppy.

Because the Cockapoo has a poodle as one of the parents, they are well known for being a hypoallergenic dog and good for families with allergies.

Generally, their Cockapoo temperament means they enjoy grooming because you are paying attention to them. You can have her trimmed to look more like a Cocker or more like a poodle or perhaps even a puppy cut.

A puppy cut on a Cockapoo means that their body is trimmed short with more hair on the legs and have their tail like a plume.

Black Cockapoo Sitting

Keeping your Cockapoo happy and healthy includes regular grooming in between visits to the pros. Daily brushing goes a long way to keep your Cockapoo’s fur from matting and resist skin infections.

Keep their ears clean and dry and wipe their faces every day to avoid any long-term stains from tears.

Feeding and Weight Management

In order to keep the Cockapoo temperament in its usual jolly state, it’s important that they get the right food at the right amount. Their personalities can change quickly if they are overweight and unhappy.

It’s best to feed her twice a day rather than free feeding where the bowl is left down all day.

If you aren’t sure whether your Cockapoo is overweight, try this test. Look down at her. You should be able to see a waistline. Then run your fingers over her ribcage. If you can feel ribs (but not see them), she’s the perfect weight.

Ready to Take Your Cockapoo Puppy Home?

If you’re looking for a fun-loving an affectionate companion dog, the Cockapoo temperament will fit the bill well.

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