Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden Retriever TemperamentAs long as you can learn to deal with Golden Retriever temperament, they are fantastic dogs to own and also make good pets.

This is a good dog to have around the home. It is caring, affectionate and a great canine friend of children.

However, as with other breeds you should always be prepared to deal with any problems that might arise along the way.

To have fewer issues with your Golden Retriever, you should buy your dog from a quality breeder. Avoid strays and dogs rescued from shelters, because of the unknown factor. However, such dogs are also trainable, and turn out just fine.

Separation Anxiety

Golden retriever temperamantOne of the most common behavioral problems of this breed of dog is separation anxiety.

Golden retrievers are loving dogs and tend to become incredibly close to their owners. Try not to draw the attention of your Retriever when you are leaving home. Instead you should provide some distraction to draw their attention away from you.

Anxiety leads to destructive behaviors such as scratching, and chewing. This problem should be dealt with early before it gets out of hand. Develop a habit of recognizing your dogs temperaments. If you notice the dog behaving differently, that might be an indication that that there is a problem that requires immediate attention. Learn more tips about handing Separation Anxiety here.

Watch Video of Guitar Loving Golden Retriever

Aggressive Golden Retriever Temperament

The other golden retriever temperament that you should deal with is aggression. Before trying to solve this problem, you should know the source of the aggressive behavior. Usually your canine friend can become aggressive due to lack of socialization. Here are a few tips to deal with or prevent an aggressive temperament from developing:

  1. The first tip of dealing with aggressive behavior is to never take golden retriever puppy from its mother before the age of 8 weeks.
  2. Never hit the dog when it shows any signs of aggression because this will only make the problem worse.
  3. To solve aggressive behavior, you should also begin by letting the dog know that you are the boss. Coach him to obey your commands and instructions. Make sure that you establish your authority as the leader. This will make it easy for you to dictate training strategies and also make them easier for the two of you.

The golden retriever breed is ranked among the most intelligent dog breeds. However, you should be consistent in your training if you are to turn your aggressive golden retriever into an obedient, manageable and smart member of the family.

Excessive Energy

One of the natural tendencies that are common in most golden retrievers is their excessive energy.
golden retriever temperament
To deal with this challenge, you need to ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise. This means frequent walks, playing outdoors, etc. This can also be an ideal time for you to get some exercise.

Early Training

The old adage “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” also applies to golden retrievers. If not trained early enough, golden retrievers could grow into stubborn, hyperactive and unmanageable adults.

Train your dog the moment you acquire it that peeing and pooping anywhere, jumping up on people (especially guests) and chewing objects indiscriminately are unacceptable behaviors.

Use Positive reinforcement

Never hit the pooch no matter how angry you are with them. You should only manage golden retriever temperament through positive reinforcement. For example you can give the dog treats and show them affection every time they are on the right track. This will make the doggie associate all good deeds with treats and pleasure. Good treats can include giving the dog a biscuit or its favorite toy.

Fast Learners

Golden Retriever TemperamentA well trained pooch can learn up to 200 verbal commands; a good number of non verbal commands and even instructions given with a whistle or clicker. Golden retrievers can easily learn more complex commands like tracking people in disaster sights; they can sniff out bombs and can also become Seeing Eye dogs for the visually impaired.

Their eagerness to learn sets this breed of dogs apart. Once the golden retriever has mastered the training basics, you will notice that they enjoy learning. They have a natural intelligence that makes them learn fast.


The health of this breed is generally good and they display a good alertness and vitality.

Other Sporting Dogs

The Golden Retriever belongs to the Sporting Group of dogs. They love the outdoors, make great hunters and require lots of vigorous exercise. Here are some examples of the temperaments, and characteristics of a few other Sporting Dogs:

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