Havanese Temperament

Get to Know the Delightful Havanese Temperament

havanese temperament
The cheerful and outgoing Havanese temperament makes them an ideal pet for young families or retired seniors. These gorgeous dogs are the national dog of Cuba, and are part of the Bichon group of dogs, which share a common ancestry with the Poodle. Other breeds in this group are the Maltese and the Bichon Frise.

This spirited little dog can easily adapt to any circumstance, as long as they are able to be with their beloved owners. The Havanese is one of my favorite toy breeds, and I am happy to recommend them for almost any household.

Look at Me!

This dog's temperament is that of the family clown. They love to make you laugh and are happiest when they are the center of attention. They are clever and easily trained, and can be taught a number of fun and entertaining tricks.

The Havanese is well suited to dog sports such as agility and flyball because they are quite agile and quick to learn.

Many Havanese owners report that their dogs will suddenly start racing through their house, spinning in circles and rushing from room to room. There is no obvious reason for this game, and it is often over as soon as it has begun, leaving the dogs happily out of breath.

The Social Side of the Havanese Temperament

Havanese TemperamentOne of the most delightful aspects of all dog temperaments is their love of their owners, and this is certainly true of the Havanese. They are very people-oriented, and are happiest when spending time with their human family.

The Havanese gets on well with everyone, whether it is people, dogs or even other pets. They are wonderful with children, not only because of their playful and affectionate nature, but because they are sturdier than most other toy breeds. In spite of this, youngsters still need to be watched when they are romping with their canine playmate.

Their social and outgoing nature makes them very well suited as therapy dogs, and they are popular visitors to the elderly residents of nursing homes.

Living with a Noisy Dog

One of the less enjoyable parts of the Havanese temperament is their tendency to bark. They often bark at the slightest sound, and this can quickly become annoying. It's a good idea to teach your dog to stop barking when they are told to. If you acknowledge your dog's barking and make sure everything is okay, your Havanese will usually stop their warning noise.

On the positive side, this barking can alert you to unexpected visitors. This, plus their close bond with their family, makes the Havanese a good little watchdog but don't rely on them to protect you. They will let you know when someone is coming, but welcome them enthusiastically when they arrive.

Separation Anxiety and Shyness

Early socialization is vital to bring out the best in any dog temperament. The Havanese has a tendency to be a little nervous and shy if they aren't given the opportunity to mix with other dogs and people as they are growing up. Take your puppy to the bus depot, to the school yard, to the corner store and allow them to meet people of all shapes, sizes and colors. Puppy pre-school is also essential for this intelligent little dog to grown into a confident and outgoing adult.

Havenese TemperamentBecause of their close bond with their human family, the Havanese doesn't enjoy being left on their own for long periods of time. They are affectionately known as velcro dogs, as they don't like their owners being out of their sight.

If they are alone for too long, they become lonely and bored, and will dig, bark and chew your soft furnishings. Because of this, I don't recommend this breed for a family where everyone is out at work or school all day, unless they have another dog for company. If you work from home or you work only part time, then certainly consider welcoming a Havanese into your home.

If you are looking for a small canine companion that is affectionate, playful and intelligent enough to train, then you really can't go past the Havanese temperament. This little dog will bring a great deal of love and laughter to your life.

Health Concerns

Unlike most small dogs, the Havanese has less health concerns to think about. This is one of the breeds that are reasonably hardy, thus making it a generally healthy breed that you should consider owning. You will not have large vet bills to think about.

Other Toy Dogs

The Havanese is part of the Toy Group of dogs. The one thing dogs in this group have in common is their size. Although other groups have small dogs this is the only group with exclusively small dogs. And small size matters when it comes to dog ownership. A small dog is easier on the wallet and more manageable than a larger dog. Of course you still need to know about each Toy Dog's temperament to understand what to expect. Don't for a minute equate their small statue with any specific temperaments. Here are a few other toy dogs and their temperaments:

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