The Kashon: All You Need to Know About the Cairn Terrier Bichon Frise Mix

The Kashon, or Bairn, is a cross between a Cairn terrier and a Bichon Frise.

Like the Bichon, the Kashon is a sprightly little dog. She's cheerful and loyal but may have a stubborn streak that can be coaxed out of her with consistent training.

Like her Bichon parent, a Kashon can be a bit of a diva. She loves being the center of attention and may cause trouble just to get back into the limelight.

 A Beautiful Kashon (Cairn Terrier Bichon Frise mix) Dog

The Temperament of a Cairn Terrier Bichon Mix

When a Cairn Terrier mates with a Bichon Frise, the result is a gentle and affectionate dog.

She enjoys playing as much as she enjoys being by your side.

While the Kashon does not require a lot of daily exercises, she is rather adept at jogging. She just loves to run!

If you're not up for a run, though, she has no problem with running around her house or yard to get out her excess energy.

While she may not need regular exercise, it's still good to take her out for a daily walk.

Walking your Kashon gives her the chance to socialize with other people and animals.

The more socialization the better for a Bichon terrier mix, as it makes her a friendlier, more easygoing dog.

The Cairn terrier side of a Kashon makes her a fantastic hunting dog, despite her small size. In addition to being a great watchdog, she's also good at guarding those she loves and hunting smaller prey.

The Bichon side of the Kashon makes her easy to get along with. However, her Cairn terrier side will put her on high alert if she has even the slightest sense that something is off.

The Kashon also loves to play. What she does not love is being left alone for long hours.

Learn about the signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs and what you can do to stop this behavior in your Kashon.

If you know you'll have to leave your Kashon alone, it's best to keep her in a crate with her favorite toys until you return. This will help her loneliness by giving her an outlet for nervous energy.

Training a Kashon

You need to be strict when training your Kashon, but you must also be gentle with her. She does not do well with yelling, harsh scolding, hitting, or other extreme forms of punishment.

She does have a stubborn streak to her – that's her Bichon side. It is therefore important to establish that you are the dominant figure, the leader of her “pack,” if you will.

As with many other breeds, it is easy to train your Kashon to do tricks. Some of her favorites include “play dead” and “go fetch.” Reward her for her accomplishments with treats and praise.

Kashon Health Concerns

Some of the more major health concerns that can affect the Kashon are:

On a less serious note, she can also suffer from:

Shaker dog syndrome may sound scary, but you've probably already seen it for yourself before, especially in smaller dogs.

Shaker dog syndrome is a condition that mostly affects smaller dogs by causing full-body tremors. In some cases, dogs with shaker dog syndrome may also suffer seizures and experience difficulty walking.

Bichons are one of the breeds that are most commonly afflicted with shaker dog syndrome. Therefore, any dog that is a bichon mix is at risk for developing shaker dog syndrome.

In spite of these concerns, however, the Kashon's typical life expectancy is 12 to 15 years old.

While it is more common for smaller dogs to live longer, this is still a lengthy life expectancy. A healthy Kashon can keep you company for a very long time.

Grooming a Kashon

While other aspects of owning a Kashon may be easy to manage, grooming is perhaps the one that requires the most amount of work.

A Kashon's coat is thick, which means it holds onto the fur as she sheds. In order for this fur to be released, she must be brushed regularly.

By “regularly,” I mean daily. Otherwise, her coat will get all tangled and matted, and it will hurt her to be brushed when you try to get all of these tough knots out.

Further, because a Kashon's coat is so thick, it can take twice as long to dry – especially if it has not been regularly maintained.

In addition to making her cold and uncomfortable, being stuck in a wet coat can also cause a Kashon to suffer from skin issues. Moisture being near the skin for longer than necessary is no good.

Before you even think of bathing your Kashon, you must brush her thoroughly. Think of it like mopping your floor. Mopping is certainly more effective if you sweep or vacuum first.

A Final Word about the Kashon

The Kashon, a Cairn terrier mixed with a Bichon Frise, is a lovable little scamp. She will warm up your home and light up your life.

Keep in mind that she is a sensitive soul, so no loud or forceful scolding, please!

She will do just fine with gentle but persistent reminders of how she is expected to behave.

The Kashon needs to be regularly groomed, though she does not need to be regularly exercised.

And despite the health concerns that may afflict a Kashon, the life expectancy for this Bichon mix is 12 to 15 years.

That is a long time for the Kashon to enjoy a spirited life filled with love and playfulness.

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