Maltese Temperament

Maltese Temperament

Before bringing a Maltese home, you need to know about the Maltese temperament and other basic details regarding the dog’s nature and behavior.

The Maltese is a sweet little breed that has most of the positive qualities that people look for in dogs. Most Maltese owners refer to it as the perfect lap dog because it is well mannered, trusting and gentle.

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They are fragile

Before we get into the Maltese temperaments and before you make a decision on owning this dog you should about its fragility.

Being in the category of toy breed, the Maltese dog can easily become injured by someone simply sitting on him or even stepping on him. Before sitting on your bed or on the couch, you need to check whether the dog is curled under the pillow or blanket.

You also need to know that a Maltese can easily be hurt by a larger dog. To deal with the fragility of the Maltese, you should constantly supervise what is going on around your dog and always keep the Maltese on a leash when outdoors if you are concerned.

Playful Temperament, but be careful

Maltese TemperamentThe first Maltese temperament to know is that the dog is playful. Due to the exceedingly playful temperament of this dog it enjoys many clever games, for example the famous “pull the hidden toy from under the cabinet with your paw.”

The Maltese is comfortable dashing around your fenced yard and will also enjoy accompanying you on walks.

The Maltese is considered the gentlest of all the toy breeds and it loves to play with children. It is also known for friendliness, which means that your child is safe around the dog.

However, due to the small size of the Maltese, children should be taught how to play with the dog in order to avoid any accidental injuries.


Any Maltese temperament that you do not like should be dealt with during your dog’s training sessions. When training your little dog, it is a perfect idea to do it with treats and praise. This will make the Maltese interested and attentive very quickly.

This will also make him put more effort into the training, achieve faster and help overcome the independent Maltese temperament.

During training avoid treating the Maltese harshly and avoid physical punishment. Any of these two will make the Maltese mistrustful of everyone. Instead be patient with your dog, especially during house training because the process can be long and drawn out. For example, crating the dog can take 6 to 8 months but to make things easy for yourself, you can request the breeder to house train the dog before you bring him home.


Maltese temperamentNow that you have made a decision to own a Maltese, you should know about the recommended maintenance of this long silky coated dog.

Grooming of this dog is quite demanding but because it is your breed of choice, this should not be a big issue.

The coat mats easily, especially when wet. The hair of the Maltese breaks easily so it is advisable that you brush the coat on a daily basis.

It is also vital that you bathe the dog regularly, dry the coat thoroughly and always make sure that your dog is warm. Any fur that falls around the beard and the eyes should be washed off, to protect the Maltese’s delicate white coat.

Other Toy Dogs

The Maltese is part of the Toy Group of dogs. The one thing dogs in this group have in common is their size. Although other groups have small dogs this is the only group with exclusively small dogs. And small size matters when it comes to dog ownership.

A samll dog is easier on the wallet and more manageable than a larger dog. Of course you still need to know about each Toy Dog's temperament to understand what to expect. Don't for a minute equate their small statue with any specific temperaments. Here are a few other toy dogs and their temperaments:

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