Top 5 Miniature Pinscher Temperament Traits You Must Know

Girl with Miniature PinscherOften called a “MinPin,” there’s nothing small about the Miniature Pischer temperament. These spirited little dogs originated in Germany and are descendants of the Italian greyhound, the German Shorthaired Pischer, and the Dachshund

They are sometimes referred to as the “King of the Toys (as in Toy Breeds).”

If you are considering bringing a MinPin into your family, there are a few things you should know about his temperament.

1. They Are Called The King Of Toys For A Reason

It’s not just because the MinPin carries himself with such regal bearing but also for the confidence that that these little dogs have.

These dogs like to strut their stuff on and off the leash and the self-assured Miniature Pischer temperament is easy to recognize.

Part of this is temperament and part of it actually the natural high-stepping gait of these little dogs known as the Hackney Gait.

2. MinPins Are Smart

On the list of intelligent dog breeds, these little dogs come in above average; higher than the Dalmatian and the Rat Terrier.

These higher-than-average smarts can make keeping your Miniature Pischer entertained and out of trouble a challenge.

One of the best things you can do to take advantage of the intelligence level of your MinPin is to schedule daily training session that will not only keep his keen mind active but also create a deeper bond between the two of you.

3. They Are Sweet-Natured

Girl with Miniature PinscherThough protective, the Miniature Pischer is generally considered a sweet and gentle little dog as long as they are not allowed to develop Small Dog Syndrome.

Basically this means to treat your toy dog like a dog and not a toy!

We’ve all met those ill-mannered little dogs who think they rule the roost, but this sort of bad behavior is more the owner’s fault than the dog’s.

If you want your pet to be a good companion that is easy to get along with, set boundaries and limits and stick to them so that your little dog knows his place in the family pack.

4. Miniature Pischers Make Great Watch Dogs

I can hear you laughing about this right now, but it’s true!

MinPins are very alert and protective and this combination means that he will not be one of those Toy Breeds to run and hide when a stranger tries to sneak in the backyard.

Because of this protective nature of the Miniature Pischer temperament, it will be important that you socialize your little dog at an early age so that he doesn't consider everyone he meets a stranger to be barked at.

5. They Are High-Energy Dogs

The good news is that their diminutive size makes it easy to let them run off steam both inside and outside.

As with most dogs, getting enough exercise can make all the difference in their behavior.

A quick walk around the block once a day is usually enough to keep the wiggles at bay but it’s also a good idea to find a place where your pup can romp off leash several times a week.

These dogs tend to like to run off in search of adventure, so make sure that off-leash time is in a fenced area or dog park.

Miniature Pinscher Health Concerns

Miniature Pinscher dog on the couch with Santa Claus hatWhile generally healthy and long-lived (up to 17 years!), there are several health issues that the Miniature Pinscher is prone to:

  • Cataracts – along with several other eye related problems, MinPins tend to be especially acceptable to contracting cataracts. What may start out as minor “cloudiness” in one or both eyes, usually develops into full blown blindness.


  • Diabetes – just as with humans, diabetes in dogs is caused by either the inability to produce enough insulin or to utilize that which is produced to metabolize sugar. Some symptoms include being thirsty all the time and excessive urination along with unexplained weight loss.


  • Hip dysplasia – This degenerative disease of the hip joint is very common in many breeds of dogs and can be quite painful. While this ailment is hereditary, you can help slow down its effects by keeping your little dog an appropriately healthy weight.

Should You Choose A Miniature Pinscher?

With its bright little eyes and feisty attitude it might seem like the MinPin is the perfect dog for you as long as you can take charge and not let this little dog with the big heart take control of the household.

There are a lot of reasons why this dog is a good choice including the inquisitive and energetic Miniature Pinscher temperament.

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