Everything There Is To Know About the Papillon Temperament

The Papillon Temperament - Beautiful Woman face to face with lovely PapillonIf you own or are you thinking about getting a Papillon dog then I bet you will have many questions about the Papillon temperament. Read On…

A Quick Papillon Overview

The Papillon is a spaniel that dates as far back as the 16th century and can be seen on renaissance paintings from this period.

A frisky, spirited little dog, the Papillon, which is also known as a continental toy spaniel is not for the lazy.

It is mainly chosen for its obedience and agility and makes for a strong competitor in dog shows.

He is also very bright and has a great personality and always leaves a great impression on anyone he meets.

Overall, he is a great dog to have if you are looking for a lot of activity and fun.

The Papillon Temperament

You will find that as with all dogs, within the breed itself, the Papillon temperament can vary quite a bit. This is because it is so heavily influenced by its parentage.

If you are getting one, you might want to find out about the reputation of the Papillon breeder, and the temperament of your Papillon's dog parents.

In general here is what you can expect from the Papillon dog temperament:

Full of Energy… Not A Lap Dog

Papillons are cute, and they are very affectionate dogs but they are not the dogs to get if you are looking for something to cuddle. They simply don’t have the time for that.

papillon temperament agility, playing with ball This dog doesn’t sit still for very long. It wants to be constantly on the move. This means that it isn’t a good dog to keep cooped up in the house. They need to be outdoors at least once a day to get some exercise.

Papillons will romp, chase, and generally remain very active. Their ability to run so fast helps them to stalk birds, small animals, and you may even see them trying to catch flying insects.

Kids and Pet Friendly

They adapt well to kids and cats and so can make great companions for active children. They have a sensitivity to touch so kids must learn not to pet them often.

Also, make sure they don't get dropped on a hard surface, this can result in broken limbs which can be detrimental to the Papillon.

Keep on Leash and Watch Out for Larger Dogs

Amongst other dogs, this toy sized dog likes to hold their own, sometimes acting quite bossy. Because they are so fast, larger dogs may view them as prey and they may be in danger of attack. The answer is to always keep your little Papillon on a leash at all times.

They Learn Quickly

Papillon dogs are a little shy with strangers but they are fast learners, so you can teach your little Papillon to socialize with and impress strangers.
They are so bright that they often invent their own games if given the right toys.

Some Common Problems of Owning a Papillon Dog

Other than these few qualities below there is not much else that is not to love about these cute, active dogs. Here are some of the few challenges that you may encounter.


They can suffer from Small Dog Syndrome. This is when small dogs think they are the leader of the pack.

When this happens, they fail to obey commands, they become nervous, they become snippy, they will growl and more.

To avoid this problem, you must always let the dog know that you are in charge by using strong but gentle commands and rewarding good behavior.

Shedding and Allergies

They are average hair shedders so you may not want to acquire a Papillon if anyone in the house has allergies.


They do bark quite a bit especially at strangers and new sights or sounds but you can overcome this by socializing your dog properly. You can find some tips here on dealing with excessive barking.


Grooming them may be a problem. They have a lot of hair hanging from the ear and this tends to tangle leading to a need for frequent grooming. If you are not sure how to do it, your restless little dog may be better off with a professional groomer. Click here for tips on grooming.

One Final Thing You Must Know About the Papillon Dog

There is one thing you should know before you bring this breed into your home. Unfortunately, because of their size, they are incredibly fragile.

Sitting on them while they are under a blanket or even stepping on a leg can kill them.

Make sure your household members can accommodate the Papillon before you bring one home.

So long as you have the energy to keep up with the Papillon temperament, they are excellent dogs that liven up homes.

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