Pekingese Temperament – Are You Ready To Butt Heads With The Stubborn Peke?

pekingese-dogThe Pekingese temperament makes them keepers. They can easily form a strong bond of loyalty and friendship particularly with the recognized alpha leader of the pack.

However, A Pekingese is neither dainty nor delicate.

Their little bodies belie their boldness and courageous dispositions.

It is a brave little dog with an independent spirit.

This Pekingese’s bold and daring streak makes it a good watchdog.

Dog Of Royalty

The royal bearing of a Pekingese is a reflection of the breed’s role in the past where they were held in high esteem by the nobility of ancient China’s Imperial courts.

It is this ingrained status that is still very much present today and has exerted a great influence on the Pekingese temperament.

Small Dog Syndrome

The Peke is prone to developing Small Dog Syndrome. You must therefore never give it a chance to become ruler of your household.

pekingese-dogFor example letting your Pekingese get away for misbehavior because it’s cute or funny will pave the way for the development of negative behaviors where he believes he is the leader of the pack.

More often than not, this syndrome is human-induced.

This is the weak link that your Peke is looking for, and believe me, he will surely exploit this weakness for all its worth.

You need to step in with a firm resolve to correct bad behavior and put him in his rightful place in the pack.

Answering Only To The Alpha Leader

The Pekingese answers to no one except the recognized Alpha leader, his master.

If another person in the pack commands or forces him to do something, he may resort to growling or snapping as a way of telling he doesn’t like what you want him to do.

This is one of the important reasons why your Peke should receive basic obedience training.

In order to enjoy the company of a Pekingese it is very important that you have molded a well-behaved Pekingese.

Training and Socialization- Putting A Tight Rein On Pekingese Temperament

pekingese-dogMany Pekingese owners often have a hard time housebreaking their pets.

A Pekingese needs a strong and firm hand to control and prevent negative behavior from becoming established.

Obedience training and socialization should start as early as possible.

Your dog should know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Never give your dog a chance to tell you what to do. Doing so will give your Pekingese an idea that it can sway your resolve anytime he wants to.

This can now create an avenue for more negative behaviors to solidify,  including growling, obsessive barking, biting, and even separation anxiety.

These are all negative behaviors your dog use to try to manipulate and control

Whose To Blame For Negative Pekingese’s Temperament Traits?

There are Pekingese owners who complain of having snapping, headstrong and jealous pets on their hands.

In a way, these are not Pekingese traits or that of any other small dog breed.

These undesirable behaviors are a result of a dog owner’s complacent and self-indulgent behavior towards their pet.

In the process this allows their Pekingese to reign over the household and act as if the other members of the pack are on their beck and call.

As Stubborn As Dogs Can Be

There may be so many words that have been used to describe a Pekingese but the best one is stubborn.

Like the Chihuahua and Dachshund, their bullheadedness can escalate into aggression towards other dogs in the household or in the neighborhood.

pekingese-dogThis is another reason why a Pekingese should receive early socialization.

By nature, the Pekingese temperament makes it less receptive with other pets in the pack however it can learn to tolerate them given time and effort.

Perhaps the royal status they received in the past is to be blamed. But a Pekingese is not a dog that is out to please his owner. He does anything that he deems self-advantageous at his own pace and at his own time.

So Does The Bold and Daring Pekingese Sound Like A Winner?

Pekingese thrive well in small areas such as in apartments however they need to be given regular exercise to burn off excess energy and prevent boredom.

While indoors, they can be relatively inactive and when you pair that up with more than enough food intake, you will have one obese Pekingese to deal with.

Although Pekes are viewed as willful, they can be sensitive and highly affectionate with their master. All these endearing traits make up the Pekingese temperament thus the breed is oftentimes considered a wonderful house companion.


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