How to Get The Most From The Samoyed Temperament

samoyed-temperamentHave you fallen in love with the snow white beauty of the Samoyed coat and the friendly nature of the Samoyed personality?

You’re not alone!

Though not the most common dog in the United States, there are many who find this breed irresistible.

Quick Facts

History – Like the Alaskan Malamute, the Samoyed is part of the Spitz family and are an ancient breed of working dogs that were used in Siberia to hunt and fish in the extreme climate of the region. They were also used to pull sleds across the tundra and herd reindeer. Not many dogs can boast such a versatile resume!

Life Span –  Samoyeds live to be around 12 to 14 years old

Size –  Females are usually about 21 inches tall and anywhere from 37.5–55 pounds. Male Samoyeds are a bit bigger at around 21-24 inches tall and maxing out at about 71 pounds.

Hypoallergenic – Known affectionately as “Sammies” the Samoyed is a hypoallergenic dog so they are a good choice for people who can’t have other breeds in their home due to allergies. The Sammy is known as a happy, loyal dog, but how do you get the best out of the Samoyed temperament?


Considered to have above average intelligence, Samoyeds thrive with the right kind of training. If you want the good side of your Samoyed to shine through, spending time teaching him basic obedience is key.

samoyed-temperamentConsistent Leadership

As a somewhat stubborn dog, your Sammy needs to know that you are in charge. That doesn’t mean you have to bully him around, but it does mean that you need to set boundaries and stick to them.  This will help keep the independent side of the Samoyed temperament in check and lead to a happy co-existence.

Short Sessions

As often happens with smarter dogs, Samoyeds are easily bored. One of the best things you can do to help with training success is to keep training sessions short and varied. Long, tedious sessions will soon have your Samoyed tuned out.

Force won’t work

samoyed-temperamentThese dogs respond much better to enthusiasm and praise then to punishment or force. Praise often and with as much excitement as you can muster and you will have a willing partner who will work hard all day.  Using negative reinforcement or force could cause your Samoyed to shut down and lead to bad behavior.


Working dogs need to work! There is nothing like inactivity to bring out the worst in your dog. There is a strong link between exercise and a well behaved dog, especially a working breed like the Samoyed.  Taking your Samoyed for hikes, playing games and even going camping, may help you avoid such problems as:

The energetic Samoyed temperament doesn’t make him a bad dog, it just means you will need to spend more time playing and working with him than you would , say, a Basset Hound.

What’s to love about a Samoyed?

Yes, Samoyeds are independent, high energy dogs that need a lot of attention, but there is also a lot to love about them!

  • Samoyeds are friendly – Unlike others of the Spitz family, Sammies are not usually aggressive  with people or other animals.

    Sometimes their herding instincts may kick in causing them to chase anything that runs, but it is usually all in good fun.

    One way to ensure that the friendly side of your Samoyed’s temperament shines is to make sure to socialize him by taking him to meet new people and play with other dogs.

  • samoyed-temperamentThey love to be with people – Although they have an independent nature, that doesn’t mean Sammies don’t love to be around people.

    They have been bred for generations to be a contributing member of the family and they still consider this their role.

    They will often pick one person in the family whom they love above all others, but will still enjoy time with everyone.

  • Sammies are playful – It is unlikely that their will ever be a dull moment with your Sammy around!They love to play and can be quite mischievous to get you to interact with them.
  • Samoyeds are healthy and hardy – This sturdy dog has few health issues, though they can, like most purebreds, be prone to hip dysplasia.

So Is the Samoyed Temperament Right For You?

Bringing a Samoyed into your home may mean some extra time grooming that delicious coat and exercising that bundle of energy but the happy, friendly Samoyed temperament will also bring you a lot of joy.

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