Schnoodle Temperament: Is This Schnauzer Poodle Mix the Best Dog for You

Weighing in at an average of between 10-20 pounds with a life span of 13-17 years, the Schnoodle … or crossbred dog that mixes a Schnauzer with a Poodle … may be the best dog for you because their Schnoodle temperament makes them fun for the whole family.

Small Schnoodle Dog (Poodle and Schnauzer mix)|

Because there are a couple ranges of size for both the Schnauzer and the Poodle, you could have a small, medium or large Schnoodle.

Talk to the breeder you choose about the size you are looking for.

An Intelligent Charmer

The Schnoodle charm comes from a blend of intelligence and humor. Their fun-loving nature attracts everyone to them. The Schnauzer is known for his boldness and brain power and the Mini Poodle for his friendliness.

Their smarts make them a sponge for training. Begin training the day you bring him home and continue for the rest of his life. Puppy class is a great idea and his Schnoodle temperament will make him the kindergarten star.

Schnoodles have been touted as always being happy and will fill your life with love and laughter.

A Great Dog for Those with Allergies

Part of the attraction of a Schnoodle is its low shedding level. You won’t see clumps of fur lying around the house as you would with other breeds.

Because of their predominantly curly coats, the Schnoodle is one of the best hypoallergenic dogs of the various poodle mixes.

Needs to be Groomed

You will want to brush your Schnoodle’s coat every couple of days so the coat doesn’t develop mats and have them professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks.

Schnoodle Dog Close Up| DogTemperament.comCheck his ears for dirt and wax and wipe them out once a week.

Tear stains under the eyes are a common Schnoodle trait but wiping their faces each day will help prevent them, from setting in.

It’s important to keep your Schnoodle’s genital area clipped close to prevent feces from sticking to his coat.

This is a dog who looks great in a beard. Give it a quick trim and a brushing to keep dog food crumbs from ruining his good looks.

He Will Get You Off the Couch

While your Schnoodle won’t demand a 5K run every day, they love to be outside playing with their family and has been bred as a companion dog.

When he’s really happy and showing off that Schnoodle temperament, he will sometimes tuck his butt under and run fast in a circle. That’s his happy dance.

This hybrid dog is a great choice for agility training and trials because they love activity and are very smart.

On the flip side, the Schnoodle is an excellent therapy dog with their propensity to snuggle and comfort the members of their pack.


The Schnoodle mix is generally healthy but can be susceptible to any health concern that plagues either the Schnauzer or the Poodle.

A good rule for prolonged health is to get a Schnoodle from a reputable breeder and get health clearances.

Any breeder who doesn’t offer health clearances for the parents is a breeder to avoid.

If you find that your Schnoodle is a multi-generation puppy – one that is born from two Schnoodles – you may encounter more health issues than if the pup had come from a Schnauzer and a Poodle breeding.

Schnoodle |

Caring for Your Schnoodle

If you have a smaller sized Schnoodle, he can live comfortably in an apartment setting. A larger dog will need a house with a yard or at least a park nearby for play and exercise.

You may find that the Schnoodle temperament lends itself to occasional separation anxiety but this can be diminished by not leaving them alone for long periods of time. If you’re going to be gone all day, perhaps find a dog walker that he likes who will play with him.

A Superior Family Dog

Because of their happy-go-lucky Schnoodle temperament, these dogs are fantastic family pets and are great with kids. If you have young children and other pets, early socialization will go a long way toward a harmonious group.

One thing to mention about Schnoodles and other dogs is that the Schnoodle tends to be a bit territorial about his toys. It’s that sometimes stubborn Terrier in them but supervision can help alleviate this.

Ready for a Schnoodle?

If you’re looking for an all-around great poodle mix, this crossbred dog may just fit the bill with a Schnoodle temperament that makes him the life of the party.

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