7 (Or More) Reasons Why a Shih Tzu Poodle Mix Might Be Your Best Pet

A bundle of fun with the trademark energetic Shihpoo temperament, a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle may fit the bill when it comes to finding an all-around great pet for your family.

Let’s Talk About Energy

Even though these pups are diminutive in stature – only 8-13 inches tall and between 8 and 18 pounds – they pack a wallop when it comes to speed and fun. While she doesn’t have to run a marathon to feel the benefits of exercise, she’ll get everyone in on playing.

Have a nice sized yard? Perfect. She will tear around that yard and beg you to throw the ball just one more time.

Adaptability is Her Middle Name

One of the best traits of the Shihpoo temperament is adaptability. While they love to have room to run around in, it isn’t critical as they do just as well in an apartment.

And if you happen to come home from a rough day, your Shihpoo will be the first one to greet you and put a smile on your face.

Origin of the Shihpoo

Shihpoos are relatively new on the poodle mix scene. The thought behind this hybrid dog was to have one that’s hypoallergenic combined with a small enough size to be a comfortable lap dog.

For the most part, this crossbred dog is the result of first generation breeding where a Shih Tzu is bred with a Poodle and not Shihpoos breeding with Shihpoos.

A Tendency to be a Bit Stubborn

One drawback to the Shihpoo temperament is that she has a tendency to run a bit on the stubborn side. To avoid this, start training early and be as consistent as you can.

Crate training is recommended to help with house training but there are some Shihpoos who will soil their crates.

One way to train them effectively is to find a great motivation. Yummy treats tend to fill this bill nicely so find out what she craves and try using that for training.

You can train your Shihpoo as early as 8 weeks because she’s so smart she will soak up your coaching like a sponge. Socialization with other dogs and family members is also excellent training for the future.

A Good Voice

Part of the Shihpoo temperament is the love of hearing their own voices. That means they love to bark. This quality is a great one to have as a watch dog but you may need to do some training to quiet them down.

Good with Kids

Because she is loaded with energy, Shihpoos are a great choice for older kids. They can run around together to their hearts’ content. But if you have younger kids who tend to pull tails and fur, the Shihpoo temperament won’t tolerate that well.

Inside Dogs

Shihpoos adore their families and will always want to live inside the house with you. In fact, they’ll probably insist on sleeping in your bed with you.


Just like most poodle mixes, Shihpoos can have some health issues. To avoid as many of these as possible, never use a breeder who refuses to provide health certificates.

And don’t be afraid to visit several breeders and tell them what your lifestyle is like. Watch the pups interact with their parents as well as the humans who care for them. Look for the Shihpoo temperament you desire.

One of the most common Shihpoo health issues is too much weight. Keep your pup fit and trim and that will also help in maintaining good health.

Prone to gum disease, start brushing her teeth early and get her used to this routine each week.

What You Need to Know About Grooming

A curly or wavy coat is most common but this really depends on which genes she inherits from her parents. Make sure to brush her every couple of days so she doesn’t get matted and regular baths are a necessity.

Wipe her face each day as she tends to develop reddish-brown tear stains under her eyes.

An important note for Shihpoos is the need to keep her genital area clipped to prevent urine stains and any feces from getting stuck to her coat.

The thing to look for in your new puppy is that Shihpoo temperament of playful exuberance and lovability.

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