What Everybody Ought to Know About The Siberian Husky Temperament

Siberian HuskyThe Siberian Husky temperament is an epitome of unpredictability.

First, their friendliness and affection make them good companions for people of all ages. They shower lavish affection on every human member of the pack.

This friendliness often pours out to include strangers and other dogs. Thus, this over-friendly dog will certainly not make a good watchdog.

On the other end of the scale, Siberian Huskies possess a very distinct prey drive, an instinct from their days in the wild which is still very much embedded within them today.

They have been known to destroy cats, birds and other household pets and wreak havoc on livestock when can break loose.

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Channeling Pent-Up Energy

Do you know that a Siberian Husky can develop extremely negative behavior without regular sufficient exercise, mental stimulation and a whole lot of pack camaraderie?

Just like Airedale Terriers and Australian Shepherds, we all know that a Husky loves the great the outdoors. He is most happy with lots of regular exercise especially when the weather is chilly.

Sportive Siberian Husky dogsOne thing to note though when you take your Husky running, biking or hiking, always have him on a leash for he has the tendency to run off and explore. He can be stubborn when something catches his interest and you will have a hard time calling him back.

Without anything to occupy themselves with and nothing to channel their pent-up energies on, there have been cases when Huskies become very destructive as a result of boredom. You will also find a Husky howling and digging when they have nothing better else to do.

Dealing with Siberian Husky Temperament – Overcoming the Training Challenge

The Siberian Husky temperament makes them strong-willed and clever as they come, thus training a Husky can be a challenge. He will not stop finding ways to outsmart you so he can pursue his seemingly lofty purposes.

One weak link of this iron-willed dog breed is their love for food. Thus, during training, you can have his divided attention and interest with food rewards.

Without an identified leader of the pack, a typical trait that is often manifested in a Siberian Husky temperament is dogged dominance. They jump at every opportunity to move up the pack hierarchy and once up there, they can be hard to deal with.

Confident owners wanted

A young woman with Siberian HuskyA Siberian Husky needs to know that you are the leader of the pack and you are in charge of everything and everyone else.

Young Huskies can be uber frisky and loves to jump up on people. They can remain rambunctious even when they’re older that is why you have to give your Husky activities where they can release their pent-up energies.

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Although this endearing type of dog temperament makes them seem ideal for first-time dog owners, Huskies can be “too hot to handle”.  If you want to raise one, be prepared to devote time and effort to train and exercise your pet or else you can have one unmanageable Husky on your hands.

One of the best ways to temper the Siberian Husky temperament is to know your responsibilities as a pet owner. A firm hand can keep your Husky in line. Consistency is very important so he will recognize boundaries and be aware of the rules. Don’t get carried away by your dog’s expressive eyes, for when he realizes that he can melt your resolve, then he can get away with anything.

Running like the wind

The rich heritage of the Siberian Husky has ingrained deep within his being the desire to run, to explore, and enjoy the wide open spaces of the great outdoors. A Husky that has broken free from his leash or pen, knows how to enjoy his temporary freedom to the fullest.

Siberian Huskies were primarily bred as sled dogs thus they are bundled with more energy and endurance than most dogs. They can walk for miles on end and even engage in rigorous play for hours without tiring.

What makes Siberian Husky temperament a notch above most dog breeds is their zest for life. They face each day with vigor and look at the world through rose-tinted lenses of a puppy’s eyes. They play and engage in activities as if there is no tomorrow.



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