Vizsla Temperament

vizsla temperamentThe Vizsla temperament is described mainly as gentle and affectionate.

Having a Vizsla would feel like having a shadow because it loves to follow you wherever you go around the house and stick by your side as much as possible.

The Vizsla is known for their public display of affection and won’t think twice in showering you with big wet kisses and hugs anytime.

Only Colorful words for the Vizsla

The Vizsla temperament can only be described in so many words. From “heating pad with a heartbeat” to “ADD (attention deficiency disorder) dog” to “love bug” and “leaners”—all these descriptions and more aptly depict the nature of the lovable Vizsla.

Great exercise buddy and playmate — Letting off steam

Vizslas will make great family pets especially for people living active lifestyles.

This dog breed makes a good exercise buddy, whether you love to run, walk, bike, hike or jog.

Vizslas were originally dogs of the outdoors and they will surely live happy lives when living with families who love to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Vizsla temperament makes them an excellent companion for energetic kids however they may be too frisky for very preschoolers and toddlers. They can play for hours on end without so much as a huff and a puff. They possess more energy than what they can easily burn off.

Vizsla Temperament - little boy with VizlaTheir hunting dog’s instincts make them yearn for daily stimulation, both mentally and physically.

Thus, when you are an owner of a prancing and a continually high-strung Vizsla, you need to find ways to let off that dog’s steam.

Without receiving adequate exercise, this highly energetic dog can become destructive and may develop other undesirable behaviors.

Taking your pet walking or jogging a couple of miles every single day regardless of the weather can easily take care of this need.

Keeping the Vizla on a tight rein

Just like any breed of dog, the Vizsla temperament needs to know that there is pack leader– the Alpha figure who takes charge, issue orders and rules the pack with a firm hand. It is this individual whom the Vizsla expects to keep him on a tight rein.

Like most active dogs such as the Weimaraner and the Border Collie, a Vizsla needs somebody who is strong and firm and who can show him his rightful place in the household hierarchy.

It can become stubborn when it is not able to recognize a strong figure of authority in the pack.

The Vizsla dog temperament demands that a strong pack leader should always be ready to correct any negative behavior and nip it in the bud before it can become deeply ingrained.

Hunting Instincts

Since the breed was originally used for hunting, the instinct is still very much ingrained in them thus you should never trust your Vizsla with rabbits or hamsters. They can get along well with cats as long as they have been raised together.

Velcro Dogs

Vizslas are aptly named “Velcro dogs” for they tend to stick to you or other members of the family as much as possible.

This is the reason why they can easily suffer from separation anxiety and depression when left alone for long periods of time.

Vizsla dog Temperament, resting on a rockThey often manifest these problems with excessive barking or howling and destructive chewing.

This faithful trait can be traced back to the Vizsla’s roots as a hunter’s buddy where the dog needs to stay alert and never stray too far from his master.

Vizsla training – Start ‘em young

Vizslas can easily be trained and best results are achieved when started early. During training, be prepared to be calm but assertive when issuing commands.

These dogs are not really domineering but they tend to test boundaries particularly when they are bored or they're bursting with pent-up energy.

Training sessions should be conducted with a lot of your dog's favorite treats, lavish praise and some belly rubs and head patting.

So Does the Vizsla Temperament work for you?

The Vizsla temperament is fueled by the fact that the dog continues to behave like a puppy until he is around 3 or 4 years old. In

fact, experts on canine behavior rank the breed high on playfulness and low on aggression and snappiness.

If you think you are ready to be an Alpha leader to an outgoing, affectionate, and frisky Vizsla, go ahead and bring home a puppy.

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