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One of the best and most obvious ways to keep your dog healthy and clean is to bathe him. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it. There are also right and wrong products to choose from for your dog. If you fail to choose the right products, [...]

If you’ve come home to find that Fido has once again mistaken your bed for his potty, then you’re likely an unhappy camper. You probably thought that after scolding him once, this inappropriate behavior would cease. While you might not know this, you could have reinforced his naughty behavior.  So to correct your furry friend’s [...]

Dogs love to play tug-of-war and chase balls. What makes them so playful is their tendency to chase and catch stuff; however, make no mistake about it, under that playfulness, your dog is a natural-born hunter. Some dogs have a higher prey instinct and therefore are dangerous to cats even if they are just playing.  [...]

Dogs love to be handed treats. And when it comes to chocolate, who doesn’t love it? However, there are some treats that are delicious and safe for humans that are absolutely hazardous to Fido.  So if your dog ate some chocolate brownies or Oreo cookies, for example, then you do have reason to be concerned. [...]

Dogs are man’s best friend. We have heard this a million times before, but what does the law say about this? Does it recognize that one can own a dog like theirs? Are there any rules on this matter, and what are they? Well, for that and more, stick around, and you will find out. [...]

During the day, we find ourselves scratching our hair, beards, ears, and other parts of our faces. In the same way, you may notice your dog rubbing face on things such as furniture, floors, and trees. Given that they can hardly use their sharp claws to scratch at their faces, we can understand why they [...]