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If it’s a sled with wheels, isn’t it just a cart? Well, that’s up to you—building a dog sled with wheels is a great way to have your dog help you with hauling things around the yard, or if you have multiple, you can set up an area to sit and have them lead you [...]

Your dog is adorable. They light up your day when you come home from work and see them wagging their tail in the living room. But are you noticing a little cushioning on the sides of your dog? It’s hard to monitor your dog’s weight, especially when we all have tons of stuff going on [...]

Dogs may be repeatedly licking their blanket because they’re nervous. In this article, we’re going to talk about all the different reasons, but most of the time it is behavioral. Dogs aren’t’ born with this inherent anxiety; it’s a learned behavior, and just like any learned behavior, it can be undone or redirected. Dog licking [...]

Your dog absolutely needs to exercise. There are tons of ways to get it done, but not many that can be measured. You don’t know how intense their walk was, how much they benefited from it, or if they’ve basically plateaued and aren’t getting any benefits from their walks anymore. To quantify their success, you [...]

Your dog just came out of surgery, and as a responsible pet owner, you’ve been monitoring their vitals, breathing, and everything in between. You notice some wheezing and you’re concerned—what solutions are within your power to do? Well, dog wheezing after surgery may not even be that big of a deal depending on the circumstances [...]

One of the best and most obvious ways to keep your dog healthy and clean is to bathe him. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it. There are also right and wrong products to choose from for your dog. If you fail to choose the right products, [...]