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Most dog breeds only need a bath when they become stinky, so you shouldn’t need to worry about bathing your dog immediately after surgery. However, if your dog looks a little messy after the neutering process, perhaps with some leftover blood the vet missed, you may be wondering when you can safely bathe him. Most [...]

You may wonder how long you need to wait to pet your dog after applying K9 Advantix II flea and tick treatment. After all, if the chemical is powerful enough to kill and repel fleas and ticks, you should probably avoid touching it, right? Ideally, with any topical flea-and-tick treatment, manufacturers recommend you wait until [...]

Daily walks are one of the many pleasures of owning a dog. You and your fur-buddy hitting the open trail together, getting some exercise, and enjoying the sights and sniffs along the way. Unless you live right out in the sticks, walking your dog calmly on a leash is an essential part of dog ownership [...]

You may have heard the myth that you should not touch puppies when they’re born because their mother might reject them. That is all that is – a myth. If your dog knows and loves you, why wouldn’t she want you to enjoy her babies? In fact, if Mama lets you, it’s actually good to [...]

Feeling confused about rawhide? You’re not alone. Walk into any pet store, and you are sure to see mountains of rawhide dog chews in all different shapes, styles, and flavors. Our canine buds LOVE getting stuck into a big chewy hide bone, and it’s a great way to keep a naughty pup out of mischief [...]

The Pomeranian Yorkie mix is also known as the Yoranian or the Yorkie Pom. The Yorkie Pom is a small hybrid dog that is a cross between two toy dog breeds: the Yorkshire Terrier and the Pomeranian. Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian The Pomeranian Yorkie mix is a teeny tiny designer breed. These dogs usually weigh [...]