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Dog sledding is pulling a sled by using dogs. It can be recreational, as a sport, or as a means to commute in extreme-weather places. Dog sledding happens over ice or snow. It usually involves Siberian or husky dogs meant to withstand the cold environment. People have been using dogs as transport for thousands of [...]

Seeing a wild animal bite your dog is already scary enough for many owners. But if that wild animal is a rat or a raccoon, it can be more problematic. Raccoons are the primary source of rabies in the USA, making them extremely dangerous for your dog.  Raccoons are omnivorous animals native to North America. [...]

Many safe human foods can be poisonous for our dogs. Grapes and chocolate are delicious, but they can be fatal if you give them to a dog.  Dogs do not know how to distinguish between what is bad for them and what is not. Therefore, it is our job to keep them away from food [...]

Dog breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors are known for eating everything they can find. Because of this, you should put away anything that could be harmful to them, close the bathroom to avoid messes, and make the kitchen a dog-free zone.  Mistakes happen, and forgetting to close one door one time can lead to [...]

If you have a dog, you know that they are fascinating creatures capable of doing hard work and being cute at the same time. Some breeds can work the fields, carry objects, and help with many human tasks.  To know if your dog can perform a task or if you just want to measure him, [...]

If it’s a sled with wheels, isn’t it just a cart? Well, that’s up to you—building a dog sled with wheels is a great way to have your dog help you with hauling things around the yard, or if you have multiple, you can set up an area to sit and have them lead you [...]