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Meet the King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix (Cavachon)

The King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix temperament makes him one heckuva sweet family dog.

Photo of Cavachon On Bridge With Owner Min
Photo by Carlos Luis Quesada [CC BY-SA]

The King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix, or Cavachon, is the perfect family dog if you’re looking for something small.

Read on to learn more about this gentle, lovable, fluffball.

Cavachon Temperament and Personality

You may be surprised to find that the King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix temperament is a rather pleasant one for such a little dog.

In fact, he’s the perfect family dog, but in bite-sized form.

Read on to learn more about this plucky, lovable little breed.

He’s Great with Kids

The Cavachon is a great choice for kids if you want a small dog. He tends to be more on the gentler side.

Some smaller breeds don’t have the patience a little kid requires if he gets a little out of hand with his playing. As a result, they may “snap” at the child.

The Cavachon, on the other hand, has a great understanding of children. As such, you never have to worry about leaving these two alone together.

Though, you should still supervise them nonetheless. You don’t want anyone to get hurt because of an accident, and with a small dog, accidents can occur more often than you think.

All it takes is a fall or drop from a higher surface, and he can break a bone.

He’s a Good Watchdog

While, of course, the Cavachon is too small to be a proper guard dog, he certainly has the watchdog thing mastered.

He will bark to alert you if something seems wrong nearby. (Just be prepared to go handle it yourself once he lets you know!)

He’s Adaptable

The Cavachon is adaptable to whatever living situation you have going on.

This means that while they’ll, of course, do well in a house, they’re good with apartments, too.

He’s Clingy

Do you know those dogs who have their special “person”? The Cavachon is one of those dogs.

This means that he’ll develop a super-strong bond with you and will never want to let you out of his sights.

While this might be cute at first, it can become annoying if you want to, say, go away for a few hours.

You may come back to a destroyed home as the result of a dog who was worried you’d never come back.

The King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix Appearance

Photo of Cavachon King Charles Bichon Mix

An adult King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix has a maximum height of between 12 and 13 inches tall.

His maximum weight falls between 15 and 35 lbs.

There are certainly smaller dogs out there, so the Cavachon is by no means the smallest.

But he’s small enough if you want a small dog who doesn’t have to be a purse accessory.

As far as colors go, the Cavachon comes in combinations of white with black, apricot, or sable and tricolor.

How Do You Train a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix?

When it comes to training, the Cavachon is no different than most other breeds out there.

He’s smart, so he’ll learn new things quickly, so long as you are firm and consistent.

He has to understand what you want from him in order to deliver, so be clear and persistent in your instructions.

The earlier you start training him, the better, and the more chances for it to stick.

Plus, the earlier you start, the less likely he will develop Small Dog Syndrome. This is a condition wherein a small dog will become mean to compensate for his smaller size – not pleasant.

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How Do You Groom a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix?

Grooming a Cavachon is pretty simple in that you don’t have to go overboard with brushing.

Brush him once a week to keep him looking his best. Shedding isn’t a huge concern for this breed.

You may, however, choose to visit a groomer for a professional clip every 4 to 6 weeks or so.

You’ll especially want to keep the hair around his eyes and ears maintained to prevent infections and other complications.

This dog is what you could consider “hypoallergenic.” This means that if you tend to have an allergic reaction around dogs, you may find you do better with the Cavachon.

Staying Healthy: Lookout for these Cavachon Health Issues

As with many “designer breeds”, health concerns tend to be more prevalent in the Cavachon.

This is not a guarantee that you will end up with a dog who has problems. You should, however, be aware of what to expect, just in case.

For the Cavachon, some of the conditions you need to watch out for include:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Ear infections
  • Eye issues, like ulcerations due to hair rubbing in their eyes
  • Flea allergies
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart murmurs
  • Liver issues

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Cavachon Lifespan

Mixed breeds’ lifespans are tough to predict due to all the differences in their genetics.

However, on average you can expect the King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix's life expectancy to fall between 10 and 15 years.


If you want a dog to jog alongside you on your runs, the Cavachon is not the dog for you.

Not only could his little legs not keep up, but he’s also not huge into exercise. He’d poop out after about a half-hour, which is all he really needs.

This is not to say that he’s lazy – he definitely has energy. It’s just not so crazy that you need to wear him out every day.

Give him a daily walk around the neighborhood, and this should be enough to satisfy him.

Be very careful with this breed in the colder months, as he is sensitive to the cold.

Finding the Perfect King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix

Photo of Cavachon Sitting On Sofa Back Min
Photo by Jayfredem [CC BY 2.0]

You must be super careful if you’re looking to bring a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix puppy home.

While you may be able to find a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix for sale from a breeder, you must make sure the breeder is reputable.

You’ll know a scammer from a real breeder by the price of a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix. See more on this below.

King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix Puppies for Sale

The average King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix price is around $800.

The price for King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix puppies may vary, though, depending on their bloodlines.

In fact, some of these dogs can cost upwards of $6,300!

But how do you know if you’re paying top-dollar for a top-quality dog, or if you’re simply getting conned?

To learn more read our article on Cavachon price and lifetime costs of owning a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix.

King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix Breeders

To truly vet a Cavachon breeder, you need to do your research before just agreeing to buy a dog from someone who appears to have what you want.

For one thing, a huge red flag is if you go to a breeder’s website, and they have a Paypal button that allows you to pay before you buy. Nope.

You also want to steer clear of pet stores. While it may seem perfectly legitimate to sell a puppy in a pet store, these are pretty much always linked to puppy mills.

Another way to tell if a breeder is on the up-and-up is that they will ask you just as many questions as you ask them.

Good breeders don’t want their pups to end up with families who aren’t a good match. They should care enough about their pups to make sure you are who and what you say you are.

You can also check with some of the local rescue and adoption agencies in your area to see if they have any Cavachons available.

King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise Mix Adoption and Rescue

It may be tough to find a King Charles Cavalier Bichon Frise mix for adoption. But it certainly never hurts to ask.

Check with your local shelters and rescue organizations to see if they have one “in stock.” If not, ask to put yourself on a list so they can call you when one comes in.

Unfortunately, some people don’t want to put in the time and patience to properly train a dog, so they give it up for adoption.

This is when you can swoop in, though, and give that dog a great home.

You can also see if there are any dog shows in your local area where you can ask around for references.

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