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Podenco Canario Temperament – All You Need to Know

The Podenco Canario temperament could be the perfect fit in many different situations. He’s quiet, energetic, intelligent, and has a gentle personality.

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But before you fall in love with this list… Wait There's More!!

The list of Podenco Canario Temperament traits also includes stubborn, independent and active (requires lots of exercise).

So you really need to understand whether these qualities can thrive in your household and how to curb or deal with the undesirable ones.

The Podenco Canario Temperament & Personality

The discussions below will help you decide where you fit on this spectrum. So please, keep reading and get the full scoop on the Podenco Canario temperament.


An enduring part of the Podenco Canario temperament is his quiet nature. You see he’ll only bark when he deems it’s necessary.

This trait also makes him well suited for the apartment or suburban lifestyle, as he won’t be a constant yapper.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about him keeping the whole neighborhood awake.

It also makes him easy to take into public places as something starling him won’t result in a loud bark.

And you won’t have to worry about the migraine headaches a yapper dog could provide. It’s evident that quieter dogs are just easier to handle and have higher adaptability than louder breeds.


Another reason the Podenco Canario temperament’s highly sought is his gentle personality.

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He loves to play and show his love for the people he sees as his family. This gentleness will even extend to children.

But you must make sure your kids remain respectful during the playing session.

Pulling of either the tail or ears are things he won't tolerate. He isn’t afraid to nip or growl when the playing gets too rough.

This quality will apply to his interactions with other dogs as well.

It’s highly probable he’ll end up the star of whatever dog park he enters. However, his gentle nature doesn’t present itself with smaller pets such as hamsters, cats, or gerbils.


The best trait the Podenco Canario temperament offers is his intense loyalty. He’s a ride or die dog and will fight for his loved ones.

This sense of devotion isn’t only reserved for one family member either.

He’ll instead form loving bonds with each member of the family. It’s not uncommon for him to rotate between whom he’s snuggling on from day to day.

This loyalty will result in him being protective of his family as well.

This trait makes him a well-qualified guard dog and protector of your home. You’ll never feel unsafe inside your home again with this loyal companion.

Highly Active

A Podenco Canario isn’t a dog for a couch potato owner. He needs a family that can provide him multiple sources of physical stimulation.

You see he comes from a hunting background and this requires a high amount of activity every day.

The Podenco Canario exercise needs will be best satisfied by an owner that can provide multiple daily walks.

It would also help to give him a few playing sessions each day as well. If you don’t, he’ll likely become bored and start entertaining himself.

A dog’s self-entertainment isn’t something you want to experience. It ends up with your couch and pillows shredded into much smaller pieces. Another good way to avoid this potential issue is through socialization with other dogs.

Never underestimate the power of a good-sized backyard either. He has a ton of energy and zoomies around the yard is a good way of releasing some.

Intelligent and Independent

The intelligence level of the Podenco Canario temperament is another highly desirable trait.

This high IQ makes him well suited to learn various commands and tricks. There aren’t many things you can’t teach him using proper methods.

But his intelligence does provide one obstacle, which is his independent disposition.

Dogs with high-level smarts tend to develop stubbornness. It’ll lead him to start thinking and making his own decisions.

This sense of independence doesn’t always mesh well with training. It can result in the sessions becoming somewhat frustrating.

It also means he’ll need a higher level of mental stimulation than most breeds.

You should actively look for ways to keep challenging his mind. Keeping his training from becoming bland is one way of satisfying his needs. Podenco Canario owners have found puzzle toys to work wonders as well.

Podenco Canario Appearance

His lean body does not feature any rolls or extra skin, and his legs are long. His tail is narrow, sometimes has a tiny curl on its end and carries low to the ground when at rest.

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In times of excitement, his tail will shoot up and be on alert.

Podenco Canario Size

The Podenco Canario size is on the average side with a long, lean physique:

  • A Podenco Canario weight is 40 to 50 pounds
  • The Podenco Canario height is 18 to 22 inches

Podenco Canario Coat Colors

His coat will be short, loose-fitting on the body and he’ll also feature a broad chest.

The Podenco Colors will typically either be white or red.

We should mention that he can be all shades of red in any variation from light to dark.

A Quick Look At Podenco Canario History

The Podenco Canario originates from the Canary Islands, Spain.

This location is why he’s sometimes called the Canary Islands Hound or Canary Islands Podenco.

He’s also one of the oldest primitive breeds within the dog community.

His arrival into the Canary Islands region seems to coincide with ancient visitors from Egypt and North Africa.

The Podenco Canario remained isolation within his homeland until recently and was used primarily as a hunting dog.

His primary prey was rabbits, whose overwhelming numbers had become a nuisance in the area.

His hunting ability made him a favorite among some of the locals. Others viewed him as a means to an end and treated him rather poorly.

It’s not uncommon for locals to kill them once hunting season is over. But even with this horrible practice in place, the Podenco Canario has managed to survive. We should also mention that the United Kennel Club recognized him in 2006.

Podenco Canario Training 

A training session with this breed might not go as swimmingly as you imagine.

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You see he may be smart, but this comes with sides of independence and stubbornness. Both of these Podenco Canario traits aren’t conducive to the training process.

You’ll need to break these walls down with a firm, consistent hand.

It’s also essential you understand harsh or negative methods won’t work with him either. If you do use these methods, there’s a high likelihood it’ll cause him to develop aggressive behavior.

You should instead rely on positive reinforcement techniques.

Socialization from an early age is another vital part of this process.

It’ll ensure all the positive Podenco Canario behaviors become ingrained into his mind.

Experts recommend starting as soon as possible, which would be around eight weeks.

Helpful Dog Training Resource:

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Podenco Canario Grooming Requirements

This breed’s grooming needs are as low-maintenance as you get in the dog community.

His short, thick coat doesn’t need brushing, and it rarely needs baths. Most of the time you can wipe it down with a chamois to keep it in pristine condition.

But if he does require a bath, you should use a gentle, vet-approved dog shampoo. It’ll protect the natural oils in his skin, which provides protection against harsh environmental elements.

And the rest is basic care requirements you’d have to do with any breed:

  • Brush his teeth weekly
  • Trim his nails monthly
  • Check ears for build-ups regularly

Relevant Podenco Canario Health Issues

This breed is a relatively healthy breed as the Podenco Canario lifespan ranges from 11 to 13 years.

But there are still some conditions that you should be aware of as a potential owner:

Most of the time staying on top of these issues is rather easy.

All you have to do is keep up with your regular vet visits, which should be once every six months.

They’ll give you much-needed information about where your dog is health-wise.

If you’re getting a puppy, there are two other things you to account for:

  1. Up-to-date eye exams for the puppy’s parents. These examinations need to be done by a licensed veterinary ophthalmologist.
  2. Puppy’s parents have a test done for hip dysplasia. The results should be on file with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

Your breeder should make both exam results readily available to you. If your breeder doesn’t have them, something isn’t right about their situation.

Helpful Dog Health Resource:

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Finding Your Podenco Canario

Podenco Canario For Sale

Buying a Podenco Canario isn’t an easy or straightforward process.

You see he’s considered a rare breed within the United States and finding one might prove incredibly tricky. But there are some ways to obtain one from a reputable breeder.

The first option you should consider is looking through the United Kennel Club database.

It’ll direct you towards Podenco Canario breeders that adhere to their strict guidelines. These guidelines will limit the chances you end up contacting a bad breeder.

But the selection on this database tends to be somewhat limited. It’s also not uncommon for the site to have no available litters.

Photo of Podenco Canario Lying Down Outdoors Min

In this case, you should move onto sites like PuppyFinder.com. They'll give you information about the nearest Podenco Canario.

However, you should be wary of these sites, as the sellers don't have to follow any guidelines. There’s a high likelihood you’ll end contacting someone that’s looking for a quick dollar.

Setting up a meeting with the breeder becomes a must due to this issue. And understanding these warning signs could help you avoid buying from the wrong person:

Warning Signs of a Bad Breeder

  • More than one litter available
  • The breeder doesn’t ask you questions about your living situation
  • Reduced prices
  • Doesn’t let you see the breeding facilities
  • Lacks the proper paperwork
  • Sells dogs to pet stores, online, or wholesale

There are more warning signs, but these give you the general gist. Honestly, anything that makes you slightly uncomfortable is enough of a reason to move onto the next breeder.

The Average Podenco Canario Price

A reputable breeder will ask for around $1000 to purchase a Podenco Canario puppy. This figure could be higher or lower depending on bloodlines, medical issues, or other essential factors.

Podenco Canario For Adoption

Adopting one of these dogs isn’t a simple process either. In fact, there isn’t a Podenco Canario rescue in the United States. And this issue makes finding one up for adoption burdensome.

You’ll have to rely on sites like Adoptapet.com, which will show the nearest Podenco Canario at a shelter/rescue.  From there, it’s a matter of using the contact information they give you and inquiring about the dog.

The other option available to you is visiting the local shelter or humane society. These places might seem scary from the outside, but plenty of great dogs come out of them. But you must understand that it's improbable that these places will have a Podenco Canario.

This option is more of a last chance attempt.  However, it does give you the opportunity to provide them with your contact information. It’ll give the shelter someone to call when/if a Podenco Canario comes into their facilities.

Questions to Ask Before Bringing Him Home

If you do beat odds and find an adoptable Podenco Canario, there’s some vital information you need first. Asking questions about the following topics should tell you whether your household is a good fit:

  • Temperament
  • Pet-friendly
  • Training
  • Previous living situation
  • Activity level
  • Medical history

These answers should get you an idea of the type of dog you’re getting. They’ll also help you evaluate how you can help him ease into the transition to your home.  It’s all to ensure you feel comfortable about introducing him to your household.

Average Cost of the Adoption Fee

You should expect to pay somewhere around $300. This price will ultimately depend on several factors such as age, shelter/rescue, medical issues, etc.

Conclusion: Is the Podenco Canario the Right Breed For You?

If you want a quiet, active dog perfect for city life, the Podenco Canario temperament could be an ideal fit.

His reluctance to bark won’t keep your neighbors up, and his exercise needs will keep you moving throughout the city.

But if you’re a first-time owner, he isn’t the breed for you. His stubbornness will overwhelm you during the training sessions, and he’ll become distant.

He’s also not a good fit for anyone looking for a couch potato dog.