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Get to Know The Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix

The Pomeranian German Shepherd mix is an extremely rare hybrid that was created during the past few years.

The Pomeranian German Shepherd mix is solely a man-made creation that cannot occur naturally.

Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix
German Shepherd and Pomeranian Dog

Due to the size difference between these two breeds, making a Pomeranian German Shepherd mix requires a female German Shepherd Dog to be artificially inseminated by a male Pomeranian.

The mix cannot be done the opposite way, because a female Pomeranian would not be able to give birth to such large puppies.

Acquiring one of these designer dogs will be difficult, expensive, and also somewhat controversial.

In this article we will talk more about this breed including its care, grooming, training, and medical issues.

We will also talk about the ethics of acquiring one of these dogs, and the best way to go about adding a new pet to your family if you decide to do that.

What is a Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix?

A Pomeranian German Shepherd mix is a cross between two purebred breeds—The German Shepherd Dog and the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian German Shepherd mix is a designer breed that is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other major kennel clubs.

The Pomeranian German Shepherd mix is sometimes referred to as the “German Pomeranian.”

There are many other hybrid dog breeds that include either the German Shepherd or the Pomeranian. Some of the most common ones include:

Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix History

No one knows exactly when the first Pomeranian German Shepherd mix came on the scene.

However, this hybrid is definitely a very recent development.

The first designer breed, the Labradoodle, emerged in 1989.

Since then, people have been captivated by creating new designer breeds.

These crossbreeds are often very cute, but there is a deep concern among animal welfare professionals that this trend is not a good thing.

Designer Dogs -What's the Problems

For example, puppy mills take advantage of this consumer craze and flooding the market with puppies that were created in squalid, inhumane conditions.

Many puppy mill puppies are riddled with health issues and temperament problems due to poor breeding practices.

However, people are so desperate to have these fashionable puppies that they buy them anyway.

There is also a real concern that people will get tired of these puppies after the craze dies down.

However, unlike a fashion item or a tech gadget that can be cast aside, these dogs will end up neglected or abandoned.

This scenario has already played out with other breeds that became wildly popular for a short period of time.

A few years after the trend fades away, thousands of dogs end up unwanted in animal shelters.

If you are considering getting one of these dogs, please think hard and long about this decision.

Keep in mind that this is a living creature, and if you get one, you must commit to loving it and caring for it for its whole life.

Also please make sure that you get one from an ethical source and you are not supporting a cruel and exploitative industry by putting money into a puppy mill.

We will talk more about how to acquire a dog from a responsible source later in the article.

German Shepherd Dog Traits and Pomeranian Traits

You can learn a little bit about German Pomeranian characteristics by examining the two breeds that make up the mix—The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and the Pomeranian.

Photo of White German Shepherd Exercising With Toy Min

Meet the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog, also known as the GSD, is a smart, athletic herding dog.

The GSD was developed in Germany to herd and guard sheep.

Today, German Shepherds are primarily kept as companions, but some are still used for working purposes including herding, protection, and scent work.

German Shepherds are often used by the police force and the military. Some are even used as service dogs for people with disabilities.

German Shepherds require a lot of exercise, training and mental stimulation.

They are not the best dogs for novice dog owners.

They do best with experienced handlers who can channel their energy into constructive outlets.

Check out this article for more information about the German Shepherd Temperament.

Meet the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian, on the other hand, is a very different type of dog.

Pomeranians originated in Europe for the sole purpose of companionship. Pomeranians were popular lap dogs for European royalty.

These dogs are loving, joyful, playful, and cuddly. They love to be near people at all times.

Pomeranian Dogs Running

They do not require an excessive amount of exercise, and they usually do fine in city apartments.

On the downside, Pomeranians are known for being vocal, anxious and hard to housetrain.

You can learn more about Pomeranians in this article about the Pomeranian temperament.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Characteristics

Now let’s dive into the behaviors and traits of the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix.

As you can see, Pomeranians and German Shepherds have very different temperaments.

Therefore, there can be a lot of variability in the traits of German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes.

In general, German Pomeranians tend to be intelligent, active, alert, lively and loyal.

They have fluffy coats and they definitely shed a lot!

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Size and Appearance

There is also a lot of variability in the German Shepherd Pomeranian height and weight.

These dogs are usually medium-sized, although their height and weights can vary widely.

German Shepherd Pomeranian mix colors are likewise highly variable. They can be black, tan, red, brown, or a combination of these.

Their coats are usually thick, and they require a lot of grooming. We will talk more about German Shepherd Pomeranian grooming in the next section.


This is a breed that has a lot of hair and requires a lot of grooming.

You will need to stock up on basic grooming supplies such as combs, brushes, nail trimmers, wipes and scissors.

Brushing your Pomeranian German Shepherd mix every day is a must. This helps to prevent the coat from matting.

You will also need to take your Pomeranian German Shepherd mix to a professional groomer a few times per year for a haircut. Otherwise, the coat will become extremely tangled and dirty.

Do not forget to trim your dog’s nails and clean their ears on a regular basis as well.


Does the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix shed?

Yes, this hybrid is definitely a shedder!

Both the German Shepherd and the Pomeranian are known for shedding heavily throughout the year—especially during shedding season.

You should invest in a very good vacuum cleaner!

If you are not a fan of dog fur in your house, this mix is probably not the right dog for you.

Is the German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Hypoallergenic?

No, this mix is not hypoallergenic.

If you are looking for a breed that is hypoallergenic, check out this article for a list of hypoallergenic dog breeds.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Training

If you are thinking about getting one of these dogs, you are probably wondering what is the best way to train your German Shepherd Pomeranian mix?

Research shows that positive reinforcement training is the most effective and humane form of obedience training.

Never use harsh training methods that require painful “corrections.” Do not use prong collars, choke collars or shock collars on your German Pomeranian.

If possible, sign up for a positive reinforcement obedience class or puppy socialization class in your area.

Classes are a great way for your dog to be exposed to other dogs in a safe, supervised setting.

Once you have gone through basic obedience, there are endless opportunities for more advanced activities with your German Shepherd Pomeranian mix.

For example, you can try out agility, nosework, rally obedience, and much more!

Helpful Online Dog Training Resource:

The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan a world-class Dog Trainer from New Zealand is worth taking a look at. This online resource has hundreds of fun informative dog training videos that can help you learn the basics and more.

Staying Healthy: German Shepherd Pomeranian Health Issues

All purebred dogs are prone to certain genetic health problems.

Luckily, mixed breed dogs tend to be a bit healthier since they come from a larger gene pool.

However, it is still a good idea to be familiar with the genetic health conditions that are common in German Shepherds and Pomeranians.

Talk with your vet about the symptoms and treatments for the following conditions:

Like all dogs, your German Pomeranian should visit a vet at least once a year for shots and a wellness exam.

Also, make sure to keep your dog up to date at all times on flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

Talk with your vet about getting your pet spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.

Helpful Dog Health Resource:

Note: Our Health is #1 Priority. It should be no different for your dog. But you need to help him. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is the answer. This handy guide will help you recognize the symptoms of the health problems above. Get the knowledge to stay ahead of these terrible issues that can rob your lovely dog from vigor and life. Help your friend make it to 14 yrs+ without pain and suffering.


What is the best type of food to feed your German Shepherd Pomeranian mix?

There are so many different dog food brands on the market, it can be quite overwhelming.

Ask your vet for their advice and try to pick a high-quality brand that is free of filler ingredients such as corn or animal by-products.

Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix Lifespan

How long will your German Pomeranian live?

The average lifespan is somewhere between 10 and 15 years.

Rescue and Adoption

If you would like to add one of these mixes to your household, it will take some time and patience.

This hybrid is extremely rare in the United States.

The best option is to try to find a German Shepherd Pomeranian mix for adoption. If you adopt from a rescue group or animal shelter you can be confident that you are not inadvertently supporting a puppy mill or a bad breeder.

However, it will be hard to find one of these dogs for adoption.

Start by checking at your local animal shelter or humane society. You can ask to leave your name on file for the future.

The staff can also call you if a similar mix with similar traits becomes available.

You might have more luck working with a rescue group that specializes in certain breeds or mixes.

You can search online for German Shepherd Rescues and Pomeranian Rescues in your area.

Also, try searching on adoption websites such as Petfinder.com, Getyourpet.com and Adoptapet.com.

Some of these websites will let you set an alert so you can be notified when dogs become available in your geographic area.

Finding a Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix for Sale from a Reputable Breeder

If you choose to work with a breeder, you must be very careful to make sure that your German Pomeranian puppy comes from a reputable breeder.

Avoid buying German Shepherd Pomeranian puppies over the internet or from a pet store.

Instead, make arrangements to visit prospective breeders in person.

This way you can see for yourself that the conditions are clean, humane and not overcrowded.

A good breeder will always welcome your visit to the property.

They will be eager to show you their healthy, happy breeding dogs.

They will be happy to answer your questions and show you medical records and AKC paperwork.

If a breeder is reluctant to let you visit their home, this is a bad sign. Take your business elsewhere.

How Much Does a Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix Cost?

The Pomeranian German Shepherd mix price depends on many factors.

If you adopt your German Pomeranian from a rescue group or animal shelter, the fee will be lower.

Most adoption fees are less than $300 and usually include spay/neuter, vaccines and other basic veterinary services.

On the other hand, if you purchase a Pomeranian German Shepherd mix puppy from a breeder, the price could be astronomical.

It is not unusual for designer puppies to sell for over $3000 or more!

Since this is such a rare hybrid, be prepared for an extremely pricey puppy.

We hope that this article has been helpful! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the German Shepherd Pomeranian mix.