Does The Wirehaired Vizsla Temperament Make It a Near Perfect Family Dog?

Hailing from Hungary, the Wirehaired Vizsla temperament is gentle, loyal, and smart.Photo of Wirehaired Vizsla | Dog Temperament

The Wirehaired Vizsla – also known as the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla – was developed by hunters and falconers in the 1930s.

They wanted a sturdy dog with a wiry, tough coat – as opposed to the smooth coat of the traditional Vizsla – that could withstand the harsh field conditions and winter weather in northern Hungary.

Today, the Wirehaired Vizsla spends their days as a family companion.

Wirehaired Vizsla Temperament and Personality

They are extremely easygoing

The Wirehaired Vizsla is known for their calm and gentle demeanor.

But they can pick favorites

Wirehaired Vizsla’s are generally outgoing and personable with family members, but they tend to pick one as their favorite.

And they’re wary of strangers

Around strangers, the Wirehaired Vizsla dog can be aloof as they are protective of their family.

Wirehaired Vizsla’s are great with children

This breed is well-known for being excellent with children – making them a near perfect family dog. But, because of their size, they should always be supervised around young children.

Great with other pets

Wirehaired Vizsla’s are also great with other animals – especially when raised together. Be careful around smaller animals, though, due to their hunting origin.

They are clever and expressive

The Wirehaired Vizsla is an upbeat dog with a clever personality. While they can be stubborn, it’s hard to get mad at them when their expressive personality shines!

Not made for apartment life

This is not a breed that does well in apartments. They are high-energy and need room to run around in a securely fenced yard.

Training a Wirehaired Vizsla

The Wirehaired Vizsla is a lively and intelligent breed.

They are eager to please but get bored easily – so keep training sessions fun and short. Use positive reinforcement as Wirehaired Vizsla’s are sensitive and do not respond to harsh training methods.

Photo of Playful Wirehaired Vizsla| Dog Temperament

Use lots of praise, treats, and affections – avoid using loud or harsh tones or your efforts will be counterproductive.

Wirehaired Vizsla’s are quick learners and have fantastic memories – once they have a command down, they won’t forget it.

And, early socialization will ensure your Wirehaired Vizsla puppy grows into that happy, affectionate adult.

Finding the Perfect Wirehaired Vizsla

Are you convinced the Wirehaired Vizsla is perfect for you? Now it’s time to decide whether you would like to adopt or purchase a Wirehaired Vizsla for sale from a breeder.

A Wirehaired Vizsla for sale from a breeder is purebred and more expensive than one from a rescue organization.

Additionally, breeders sell Wirehaired Vizsla puppies whereas rescue organizations typically have adults available for adoption.

Consider your lifestyle before getting a puppy. Do you have the time to train, and socialize a puppy? If not, perhaps adopting an adult dog is a better option.

To find your perfect Wirehaired Vizsla, check out the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America. They have information on breeders and rescue organizations.

Photo of a Happy Wirehaired Vizsla | Dog Temperament

Wirehaired Vizsla Puppies for Sale

Purebred Wirehaired Vizsla puppies for sale will cost between $800-$1000.

The Wirehaired Vizsla cost depends on litter availability (the average litter size is between 6-10 puppies), location, and bloodline.

Wirehaired Vizsla price for adoption will cost between $150-$500 depending on the rescue organization.

Wirehaired Vizsla Rescue and Adoption

If you weighed the options and decide adoption is best for you, you can find information at the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America. Or, you can contact your local or nearby rescue organization to inquire if they any Wirehaired Vizsla’s available.

Wirehaired Vizsla rescue is great for families who are looking for an adult dog with basic training under their belt.

Adults don’t require as much time, patience, and attention as puppies; a perfect companion for busy families.

Wirehaired Vizsla Breeders

If rescue isn’t for you, you can go the breeder route. A great place to start your search for Wirehaired Vizsla breeders is the AKC Marketplace. Here, you can find breeders based on your location, whether they are of distinction, and if they have litters available.

Take your time when researching and choosing a breeder. Not all Wirehaired Vizsla breeders are reputable.

A reputable breeder will be knowledgeable about the breed, have a clean and sanitized kennel space, and be able to answer your questions.

Breeders should also ask you questions in return to determine if the Wirehaired Vizsla is the right dog for you.

Caring for a Wirehaired Vizsla

The Wirehaired Vizsla weighs between 45-55 pounds, depending on the sex. Males stand between 23-25 inches while females stand between 21.5-23 inches tall.

Wirehaired Vizsla’s live between 12-14 years.

Photo of Wirehaired Vizsla | Dog Temperament

Grooming a Wirehaired Vizsla

If you look at the Wirehaired Vizsla vs. Vizsla are very similar but the Wirehaired Vizsla is distinguished by their wiry, tough coat.

They require minimal grooming – including occasional brushing. A wipe down with a damp cloth in between bathes is enough to keep their coat in tip-top shape.

Wirehaired Vizsla shedding is light and they are considered hypoallergenic. They will need a grooming mitt during shedding season to avoid leaving clumps of hair in your house.

Staying Healthy

Wirehaired Vizsla’s are healthy, but they do suffer from a few health conditions such as:

Note: If you are concerned about your Wirehaired Vizsla's health, as you should, then get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health.  And read it!! No serious dog parent should be without such an invaluable resource.


Wirehaired Vizsla’s are a high-energy breed.

They need a lot of exercises and love to do activities with their humans.

They make an ideal companion for active families who enjoying hiking, biking, or jogging. Wirehaired Vizsla’s will also enjoy games of a fetch in a (securely) fenced backyard.

If a Wirehaired Vizsla does not get enough physical and mental exercise, they could become bored and develop destructive or behavioral problems. Learn how exercises can combat this destructive behavior.

Conclusion: Why the Wirehaired Vizsla?

The Wirehaired Vizsla has a gentle, intelligent temperament and is a loyal family dog. T

hey absolutely adore their human companions – especially children.

The Wirehaired Vizsla’s hypoallergenic coat makes them perfect candidates for families with allergies – they also have minimal grooming needs.

This breed is great for active families who will include them in their daily physical activities.

If you are searching for a happy-go-lucky, affectionate and clever dog, the Wirehaired Vizsla is the breed for you!