Yorkshire Terrier Temperament – What Do You Know About the Yorkie Temperament

miling woman with Yorkshire Terrier“Small but full of spunk”—these are extremely contrasting words that often sum up a Yorkshire Terrier temperament.

The personality of Yorkshire Terriers can be of extremes. Their environment and how their owners raise them can greatly influence their personalities.

Some can be as high-spirited and bouncing with energy while some behave like fragile divas that need to be waited on hand and foot like royalty.

Remember that the Yorkie is Toy Breed and some are very fragile… so for their sake avoid any rough play with children to avoid them getting injured.

Yorkies Love Attention

Yorkshire terriers are great attention-seekers. They are highly-socialized dogs that can easily get attached to the human and canine members of the pack.

Professional Yorkie Dog grooming

They need to be the center of attention in the pack and hate being left alone even for just a short time. In fact, their need for company can cause them to follow their master anywhere in the house like a little shadow.

When left alone for most part of the day or when a companion dog or a human member of the pack leaves home, these little dogs are prone to suffering Separation Anxiety.

This diminutive dog can be a handful especially for dog owners who don't have enough time to train and bond with their pets.

A Yorkshire terrier’s temperament makes them highly possessive of its owner. They can make a scene when they feel that they are not the center of attention.

Their need to be noticed and feeling any lack of this make them develop a stubborn streak.

Small dogs with big egos and even bigger personalities!

Colorfully Dressed Yorkshire TerrierBeing full of spunk, Yorkshire Terriers don’t seem to realize that compared to many dog breeds they are diminutive in size. In fact, these little dogs won’t back out in fights with other dogs.

They have even been known to be the ones to pick fights with dogs much bigger than themselves.

Dominance and assertiveness is very much part and parcel of a Yorkshire Terrier temperament. For this reason they must be taught social skills or they can become too aggressive towards animals and strangers. It is also these traits which dictate why Yorkies should be often kept on a leash even when at home

There are Yorkie owners who let their pets get away with aggressive behavior because they seem so cute when they behave that way.

This can snowball to become an avalanche of negative behavior and aggressive tendencies. Wait, until your Yorkie takes over the house and you will surely have one big problem on your hands.


Dealing with Yorkshire Terrier Temperament—Early Training Reap Better Results

Yorkshire Terrier on two legsJust like Cairn Terriers, stubbornness with a dash of independence characterizes a Yorkshire Terrier temperament. Because of these attributes, they are not as easy to train as other dogs.

They can be suspicious of new faces and will certainly let them know that they are unwanted.  They can even go as far as snapping at people they have just met. These traits make the Yorkie a good watchdog.

Housetraining a Yorkie is always a challenge. However, when you start training them at an early age, positive results can be achieved with time, perseverance and lots of treats and belly rubs.

Since they can easily get bored, you have to keep your training sessions short. It would also be good if you try to inject as much variety in your activities to stir his interest and enthusiasm.

Without adequate socialization, Yorkies can become neurotic—they become yappy and won’t hesitate to bark at everything that catches their attention. It is for this reason that a Yorkie must be trained to listen and obey when you issue the command to stop barking.

Be the Pack Leader!

To keep your pet tightly reined in, a Yorkie must know that you are the leader of the pack. Without an acknowledged pack leader, the highly energetic and clever Yorkie will surely relish being on the throne and having the other members of the pack at his beck and call.

Yorkshire Terriers are sweet little dogs, truly affectionate and extremely loyal. Once a Yorkie knows who his pack leader is and he will realize his place in the hierarchy of the household, he can be allowed around children and you will love to cuddle him on your lap.

A Yorkshire Terrier does not demand much of its owner. With nutritious food, fresh water, a little exercise and all the attention in the world will make your Yorkie the happiest dog on the planet.

Understanding the Yorkshire Terrier Temperament will certainly go a long way in cementing the bond between you and your pet.